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ul. Ofiar Oswiecimskich 46/1a

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Editor's review

It's a well known fact that Polish girls are amongst the most beautiful in the world, and where better to discover more about their mysterious ways than in this elegant striptease club? A host of delectable 'dziewczyny' will keep you entertained with witty repartee over a cocktail or two - unless of course you'd rather go somewhere more private for a dance? The first of its kind in Wroclaw, Pruderia is an upmarket stripclub which creates a relaxed atmosphere for its clients to taste the finer things in life and is bound to prove a big hit with businessmen and bachelor parties. Check out their newest offer of body sushi (book it in advance) at their new location!!!

Editor & Wroclaw Local


not shown

the most beautiful legs I have seen ;). Georgous girls-love ya!

Reply Oct 7th, 2012
United Kingdom

Superb girls! Sexy, hot, smart very enjoyable place!

Reply Jun 26th, 2012
United Kingdom

I don't agree with it. We have a fantastic night here! You just need to know how it works paw... very tempting girls ;)

Reply Mar 31st, 2012

when you wanna to enter inside you must pay them 15 zl then 5 zl for checkroom.girls ar very beautiful and very smart but they are thief.Be carefull you can been stolen your money and your phones and every precious staff.private dance costs 100 zl.and you cant touch is about 2 minutes.And you can exit the club minimum 400 zl.ı advise you that dont you dare go this club because they are thief.

Reply Mar 11th, 2012

Ragazze molto belle e raffinate. ho conosciuto paulina,dolce sorridente e siamo capiti al volo e e penso che se avessi avuto più tempo....spero di ritornate quanto prima!

Reply Mar 7th, 2012

Fantastic place! Lovely young and smart girls - top class! Great atmospere! This is the best place in Wroclaw - don't miss it..

Reply Mar 5th, 2012
United States

Great club! Amazing girls! Classy, classy, classy.

Note - we'd been warned about not using credit cards in the club, one us did and it was very expensive.

Reply Dec 26th, 2011
United Kingdom

Do NOT hand over your card.

Do NOT let them see your mobile phone.

Do NOT allow someone else to buy drinks on your behalf.

Yeah, the girls are pretty. The chaperones are thugs who'll beat your PIN outta you and steal your iPhone. Blink and you'll find yourself paying for the most expensive round of drinks ever.

The Policja won't care less either.

Reply Dec 14th, 2011

All girls were just perfect! Enjoyed our our time here a lot!

Reply Dec 14th, 2011
United Kingdom

classy place - girls were fantastic!

Reply Oct 19th, 2011

Fantastic club, girls are young and energetic!

Reply Jul 26th, 2011

Good fun here ;) right in the centre - check the map ;)

Reply Apr 15th, 2011

Excellent place! Beautifull girls, nice dancing,relaxed atmospere,... go there. Paulina, you are such a sweetheart.x

Reply Feb 24th, 2011

Lovely girls, fresh and juicy if you wanna watch a good show - this is a place to go!

Reply Feb 22nd, 2011
United States

Hi guys - you are absolutely number one in Poland! Excellent girls, so pretty and smart - top class!

Reply Jan 19th, 2011

First time in the new location for me, prices are still the same (40 PLN entry & 5 PLN Wardrobe). 100 PLN for a private dance (full nude but just one song) and you can pay another 600 PLN for 30 minutes dance where you can touch them).

As always many girls, all beautiful and friendly and the staff is very correct - so this is my favourite club of course. I falled in love with Sonja, and had wonderful privatdances with Kinga, Paulina and Marta. Life ist beautiful, isn't it?

Reply Nov 15th, 2010
United Kingdom

Went to Wroclaw on stag weekend and both nights visited Pruderia.

40 PLN entry & a constant procession of beautiful girls on the pole. 100 PLN for a private dance & you can pay another 100 PLN for them to take off everything.

Great time

However: the one downside was my mate used his credit card to buy drinks and had it fraudulently used by the staff, he lost £1200.

Dont use your card!!

Also, it is not a brothel. There are strict rules, no touching etc & a bouncer sits outside your private dance room watching.

The girls are very pretty though.

Reply Sep 30th, 2010
bad robot
United Kingdom

just beautiful - lovely young girls, as you were back to the Uni time ;)

Reply Sep 19th, 2010

Nou beetje respect voor de dames!

leuke tent maar niet je jaslabeltje vergeten. Kost trouwens minder dan je hele jas vergeten Albertje! Heb je die ene met die piercing in haar lip echt ge***??

Reply Sep 18th, 2010

Leuke tent, maar die lucht

Reply Sep 2nd, 2010

We had a bachelor party and Marco the groom had a great time sitting their with 4 chicks on the podium loving themselves and Marco!!!

Reply Aug 31st, 2010
United Kingdom

I didn't get a clue that they can be so hot! Jung, fresh, sexi!

Reply May 24th, 2010
United Kingdom

Very good club for the night - don't miss is, right in the centre!

Reply Apr 29th, 2010
United Kingdom

Top star - classy place, that's what I like!

Reply Mar 30th, 2010
United Kingdom

The new location is much better than the old one! Right in the Old Town - worth checking!

Reply Feb 12th, 2010
United Kingdom

Great place! you will not be disappointed at all. Girls are really pretty and they know what to do ;) also the place is well secured and very professional, not a cheap crap..

Reply Sep 18th, 2009
United Kingdom

We really enjoyed it tonight! Nice girls and nice club as well. Quality drinks and nice design.

Reply Aug 1st, 2009
United Kingdom

Very hot, love ya!

Reply Mar 19th, 2009

I’ve visited PRUDERIA the second time and I was not disappeared again. It’s probably the best striptease club in Poland. The staff is very friendly and correct and they’re never tried to rip me off. The bar is well stocked for reasonable prices. Of course it’s not cheap, but come on, where are you? The style of the club is fine, everything is en vogue, comfortable and clean. The perfect mix between the good old times and an modern taste of the jet-set-world.

The big thing is that you’ll find only young and beautiful girls in PRUDERIA. I’ve been there Friday - and Saturdaynight and saw around 12 beautiful woman (each night) dancing on the two floors; so everybody will find his sexy starlet. I meet the voluptuous sorceress Magda, the blonde goddess Ilona, the super-sexy-and-skinny Tara and an angel of the universe: Nikki. Believe me guys, all of these beauties were worth every Eurocent. My secret love Nikki was too hot for me, I’ve took a break after every dance with her – before I would burn my fingers and lose my mind.

So guys, please be polite and careful with all these sexy and exciting roses of the night – and you will get the most wonderful impressions in Poland. But note, the PRUDERIA is not a brothel or something close to it. If you want more, it will be the wrong place for you.

I am coming back for sure. Let us prey that I will meet Nikky again – my lady of the wild flowers.

PS: The hard facts: Entrance is 30 PLN (plus wardrobe 5 PLN), private dances are 100 PLN / ca. 5 min, 0,5 l beer is 15 PLN, most long-drinks are between 25 and 35 PLN. Drinks for the girls are – as always – more expensive, if you are nervous about that, ask before.

PPS: Sorry for my simple English, I am from Germany. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask me under drieu (at)mail(dot)ru

Reply Nov 11th, 2008
United Kingdom

A group of us on a stag do went on saturday night, if your too pi$$ed up they wont let you in, the place was busy and they charge £28 a dance!!

Reply Sep 17th, 2008
United States

Well - you need to know the game...there are always little tricks to take your money out of your pocket...but they do it with the sexy smile on their faces...

Reply Aug 26th, 2008
United Kingdom

nice place, with nice girls.

the chaperone suggests you buy the girls drinks when she takes your order. but this is a scam and we got taken for £150 by this !! dance-wise it was similar to what you get in spearmint rhino...

Reply Aug 21st, 2008
United Kingdom

We were in Pruderia on a stag night. That was really good. I was in the streep club in Poland before but that was a dirty dark cellar with some doggy guys standing outside. Pruderia is nothing like that - good location, nice bar, well secured and superb girls!!

Reply Aug 18th, 2008

This a really good streep club, i was in a few places like that in Poland and this one is really top class. Nice looking girls, good drinks, well secured and not far away from the hotel...

Reply Jul 31st, 2008
United States

This is the coolest place in Wroclaw - don't miss it...just outside the old centre..

Reply Jul 15th, 2008
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