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It's hard to imagine that ten years ago anyone considering learning a foreign language would choose to learn Polish. After all Poland was a drab ex-Soviet bloc country which no one in their right mind would visit, and your chance of meeting a Pole abroad was slim to say the least... So what exactly was the point of doing battle with all those tricky consonants? What a difference a decade makes!

With Poland emerging from the grey shadows of Communism to one of the hottest tourist destinations in Europe, and Poles of every walk of life seeking employment abroad (particularly in the UK and Ireland), and bringing Polish culture with them, today the benefits of knowing a bit of Polski are evident to all. So whether you want to explore this amazing country further and could do with a handle on the linguo, or you've fallen in love with a gorgeous barmaid in Dublin but are having trouble communicating your emotions - or more likely still you've got to the stage where all your employees speak Polish and now you need lessons- it's time to get over to Poland and open those textbooks.

The benefits of studying a language in its country of origin are obvious. The chance to try out what you learn in the classroom everyday in the real world gets you off to a flying start... theory is all well and good but it is practice that makes perfect! As for the benefits of learning Polish in Wroclaw, well they are obvious too, to anyone that knows the city. With its ample waterways, parks and student institutions Wroclaw very much enjoys an atmosphere redolent of great academic towns like Oxford and Cambridge. Meanwhile a burgeoning restaurant scene and some of the best nightlife in Poland cater for the more epicurean needs of naughtier scholars. What's more from Wroclaw much of Poland is yours to be discovered... close at hand are the Sudety Mountains, Ksiaz Castle and much more, whilst Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk and Poznan are all easily accessible by train, as is Germany's exciting capital, Berlin.

Wroclaw Language Schools

After you've decided that you want to learn Polish in Wroclaw, then it's time to investigate which language schools operate here in Lower Silesia and what courses they offer. Below is a list of language schools so get in contact with them and sign up to learn this beautiful (albeit difficult!) language.

Polonica School of Polish
A young company with a dynamic approach to teaching languages, Polonica have quickly established themselves as one of the best Schools of Polish in Wroclaw. Their package is probably the most flexible out there as they offer everything from individual lessons, to group courses as well as summer language camps, language excursions and survival courses in practical Polish. All are offered at very competitive prices. Whatever your reasons for learning Polish, and no matter how much or little time you can devote to studying, Polonica can tailor a course to suit your needs... just get in touch with them. Many of their offers include fantastic socialising opportunities and a chance to experience Polish culture first hand.
Tel: +48 (0) 609690086

Link School of Polish for Foreigners
Tap into nine years of teaching experience at the Link Language School, found right in the heart of Wroclaw's city centre. Lessons are arranged to suit your needs and great emphasis is placed on providing an enjoyable and stimulating learning environment to develop practical communicative skills. Social activities also organised!
+48 (0) 604649554

CEO Polish 4 Foreigners
Center of Education for Foreigners offers you a wide variety of programs and courses to introduce you to the various aspects of Polish culture and society. Whatever matter the reason you have for improving your language skills, you will find a program to match your needs. CEO Polish 4 Foreigners also offers private and mini-group courses for executives and professionals, a dedicated and experienced faculty using modern and efficient methods, the latest technology and a friendly environment in which to learn Polish.
+48 507196627

Language Cafe
If formal lessons aren't your thing then why not dip your toes into the Polish language first at the weekly "Language Cafe", organised by Polonica school of Polish at La Luz art bar and Mexican restaurant. Apart from the privilege of a pint in a 13th guard tower you can practice your Polski with natives and fellow foreigners. Just turn up at 8pm - it's free and a good way to meet new people in Wroclaw.


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Hello, My name is Cuba, I live in Wroclaw and I can teach Polish in exchange for learning English, Swedish or Chinese (Mandarin). I can show the city by chance ;-) Contact: janunfornac@gmail.com

Reply May 17th, 2017

Hey I'm Lu, come from China and study in UK before so both good at Chinese and English.

Reply Sep 24th, 2018

Am sharon from I live in góra. I would like to learn some polish language so that I can communicate with people around me well. So what next step should I take so that I start school soon

Reply Nov 16th, 2016

I love Inspiration school in Wroclaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my teacher and group and now I can speak some Polish!!!!!!!! Mowie po polsku:)

Reply Jan 21st, 2015

In Wroclaw definitly 'Centrum Jezykow Obcych Inspiration' on Stronska street. Any suggestion for Warsaw?

Reply Sep 1st, 2014
Tim Conroy

My name is tim conroy and im from st.augustine florida.in 1974 i went to school at podvally in wroclaw poland.my father got a fulbright to teach american history in wroclaw..i was only 7 years old and learned to speak polish i think when your young you can learn to speak a new language fairly quick.when i returned to america i stopped speaking polish altogether so i can no longer speak polish.i would like to come back to wroclaw someday i miss poland very much.

Reply May 24th, 2014
Ghimire Shanti Prasad

Hi I am from Nepal will come there at Strzegom for one year . I would like learn Polish language so how much cost should i pay? it will be better 1-2 hour evening class, thanks!

Reply Jan 29th, 2014

I was attending Polish course at Centrum Języków Obcych Inspiration last semester and I liked it a lot.. Now I am movin to Cracovie so cant continue there and looking for another school in Cracovie. But the school Inspiration is really cool, groups are not too big and the teacher asked us to try speak Polish from the first class at 0 level, so I started to feel very cool when I said my first Polish sentences at the really begininng! They teach stuff you can use in daily life, but also they explain grammar. And they have lots of interesting materials to use during lectures.. And finally, they are the cheapest in Wroclaw right now... If anyone knows good school in Cracovie, let me know please!

Reply Aug 19th, 2013

Hi Loritta! When in Krakow, you should definitely give a try to Varia school, the best one I know! Yo can find it on Local Life Krakow. And if you're interested in private classes at more flexible hours, let me know at editor@local-life.com, and I can hook you up with a professional teacher with a lot of experience:) Regards!

Reply Aug 19th, 2013

Hello everybody:) my name is David and i want study polish, i'm a citizen of georgia how can i apply for some good scool? help pls:) thanks o lot:)

Reply Mar 29th, 2013
Marta Geller

Hello Qusay If you are interested in getting more information please either send us an email www.link.szkola.pl or visit us Pl. Solny 13/2 I look forward to meeting you soon! Marta

Reply Mar 6th, 2013

hello , I'm a dentist and i want to continue my studying at Poland and as you know the language is important , as well as i want to study at Wroclaw city so it's possible to have the language in this school ? how much it cost ? how i can have the permission :) thanks a lot

Reply Feb 27th, 2013
United States

http://www.link.szkola.pl/short-term-courses GREAT CHANCE TO PICK UP SOME POLISH at LINK SCHOOL! Individual polish classes for only 53PLN/45 min Check it out:)

Reply Feb 24th, 2013

Hello every body hope you're fine!i want to learn polish language for a course of 03 months .so is there any advices please

Reply Oct 12th, 2012

Hello Aamir, Thanks for writing. We will be happy to have you in our school. Please contact me at link@link.szkola.pl or call: 604 649 554 I look forward to hearing from you! Marta

Reply Feb 17th, 2012
Aamir Sohail
United Arab Emirates

Dear Marta, Good Morning!!!! I am intrested to learn a Polish language and also good to inform you that i already took classes in Poznan but last year due to my Vacation cancallation from my company i left the course and back to dubai. But now again i am intrested to learn a Polish language. your as soon as reply is highly appreciated. Regards, Aamir Sohail

Reply Feb 15th, 2012
Marta Geller

Dzień dobry!:) Link School invites you to join new beginners groups in October. Upper level students are obviously welcome as well. Contact us once you're ready to start! :) See you at Plac Solny 13/2 Marta Geller

Reply Sep 22nd, 2011

Hello everybody! If you want to learn polish, I advise you to go to LINK school! This summer I took an individual course for 3 weeks and I've learned really a lot there! The time flies when you choose to go there, because the lessons are fun and the teachers are really nice!I think they teach you polish in a very efficient way and on your personal level!

Reply Sep 5th, 2011
Marta Geller

Hello Ladies and Gentelmen This is Marta Geller from LINK School of Polish for Foreigners. I am writing to let you know that we start a new group for beginners in April so if you wanted to join us- just do it! We are on Plac Solny 13. Hope to meet you soon! :) Marta

Reply Mar 23rd, 2011
United States

Polish is a REALLY hard language to learn!

Reply Mar 14th, 2011
Amy B

I would personally recommend the Link School of Langugages if you want to learn Polish. I was looking for a week long intensive "crash course" to kick-start my Polish and found that not only was Link very efficient in planning and scheduling my individual classes, but also the classes were brilliant! Each class was tailor made to my own development pace, very interactive and enjoyable mixing very well some relaxed chats to get me to pratice the few polish words I knew, together with grammar points. All in all I find I have learnt a tremendous amount in the week I was there. Thanks again to Ania and Marta for being such great and enthusiastic teachers. Amy

Reply Oct 19th, 2010

I'm teacher of Polish language for foreigners. I speak English and Italian. If you want to learn Polish I recommend you to visit my webside www.pol-lektor.pl

Reply Sep 28th, 2010

Hi, I would definitely recommend the Link language school. I've spent with Link almost a year and was very fond of their teaching method, study environment and professionalism. They not only teach you the language but also the culture, history and customs of this beautiful country. Have a chat with them, and I'm sure you will find what you are looking for.

Reply Sep 17th, 2010
Anna Kalinowska

I am a teacher for polish as a foreign language. I speak english and german fluently and I teach polish on every level since 2004. Invoice for your company is possible. This is my contact number 600 520 618

Reply Nov 9th, 2009

The best school of Polish in Wroclaw is Oxford Language Centre! No stress, friendly atmosphere, great people. It's the best choice, to my mind.

Reply Sep 26th, 2008