What's Happening!


What's Happening?! What do mean "what's happening?" How about the launching of Wroclaw's Leading Internet Guide?! Welcome, one and all! Wroclaw Life is kicking off with a bang! It's high time the world found out about this great city and we're here to make sure they do! We have the coolest jobs in the world - all we do is brag about our city. And what's not to brag about? Between all the places to eat, sleep, drink, shop and have fun, you simply can't be bored!

Need some suggestions? Thought you'd never ask! Here are a few spots we like: For a real treat, try Casablanca. After your meal, head over to Club PRL for a drink and a blast from the past. If you need to crash, Hotel Tumski is always a safe bet. For those of you traveling with your whole family, the Wroclaw ZOO is a great place to take your kids. And finally, if you're looking for a good gift, why not try Dragon on for size? Whichever you choose, don't stop there! There are hundreds of places in Wroclaw worth visiting - be the second (after us) to visit them all!

For those of you lucky enough to visit during the Spring, be sure to spend as much time out in the country as possible. Krakow presents an excellent opportunity for a day trip. Besides, this season is absolutely breathtaking in all of Poland - don't miss it!

OK! What are you still doing in front of that screen? Come visit us! And remember, if you've got a suggestion or a good idea, tell us about it!

Thanks for visiting!

The Wroclaw Life Team


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