Vilnius Bars & Clubs

There are few more mellow capitals than Vilnius - a hectic metropolis it ain't. But when night falls, there's no shortage of revellers who are up for a party.

The city has a lively student population that likes nothing more than to let its hair down. What's more, the local beers make for a tasty tipple, often imbibed with a plate of pigs ears to nibble (apologies to Edward Lear).

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Gedimino 2

17. Prospekto P.U.B.

24 reviews
Traku 3

18. Pabo Latino

13 reviews
Sv Ignoto 12

19. Briusly

5 reviews
Vokieciu 2

20. SMC Kavine

0 reviews
Traku 2

21. Tarantino

2 reviews
Dominikonu 9

22. The Pub

1 review
Vivulskio g. 3

23. Medusa

2 reviews
Subaciaus 6-5

24. Apuokas

1 review
Subaciaus 11a

25. Tamsta

1 review
Smolensko gatvė 6

26. Skonis ir Kvapas

1 review
Gedimino 5

27. Avilys

1 review
Šv. Ignoto g. 14

28. Banzai Baras

1 review
Pylimo gatvė 2

29. Metro

1 review
Vilniaus g. 33

30. Soul Box

1 review
Gynėjų 14
Pilies 25a

32. LA_buffet

1 review

Reviews about Vilnius Bars & Clubs

Bar staffs very arrogant not professional rude ..

Pabo Latino

Awesome place. We went as a group on Saturday and arrived at about 1. The guy on the door said it usually get busy at 2 so we waited and people came and by about 2.30 or 3 it was full. People complain on here that it is full of tourists but over half we talked to were locals. Security appeared to let everyone in (no face control) except drunk people. Great music and lights, drinks normal price. All around a great night out!

Salento DiscoPub

Good place for evening


Best Night Club in Vilnius, hands down! There are many bars in the city, some of which have small dance floors, but this is the only proper, decent-sized night club in Vilnius. Opens at 11pm but normally gets going around 1:20-2am. Thursday night and at weekends the dance floor is heaving until very late (7-8am). Music regular night club fare, new and old combined (DJs seem to honour requests, so just ask). Great light show, decent-sized dance floor and a well-stocked bar and VIP area, smoking area inside (rare in this city), this place has it all. Friendly management, security staff used to have a reputation but since the new owners took over (2019) they have calmed down a lot (if you are not let in just ask for the manager and he will make the final decision and you should be OK (if you are not drunk or dressed inappropriately that is!)). Just come for the experience or just so you can say you went there!

Salento DiscoPub

The best


Good club5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Der beste Ort,an dem ich gewesen bin!!!!




Super !!!!!

United States,

Good club