Tallinn it ain't!

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It's always harder to find information on a city when you're spelling the name incorrectly! A mere two straightforward syllables, Tallinn really shouldn't present the trouble it does, however with the double 'l' and double 'n' often dropped, permutations such as Tallin, Talinn, and Talin have got people in a flap on more than one occasion! Often in the Eesti language you will see Tallinn written as Tallinna and other variations, when certain noun cases are being used - but trust us, we're not 'Tallin' tales when we say the correct spelling is Tallinn, T-A-L-L-I-N-N!!!

Now that that little confusion has been cleared up you can head to our homepage and start your Estonian adventure; or why not take a short cut to our sections on hotels and accommodation, restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs, shops, places to have fun and cultural hotspots?

Whatever you want to call it - Tallinn, Tallin or Talinn - we're here to help!


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Sweet, finally someone who puts it right, and with an excellent Google rank for it. Congratulations!

Reply Apr 4th, 2011