Money Advice

All major hotels, restaurants, bars and shops will accept all the major credit cards, however you may be asked to produce photo ID to confirm your identity. As mentioned above the rule is not hard and fast, so best have some cold hard cash in your wallet.

The days where travellers had to worry about being able to access their cash abroad are thankfully long over. Like everywhere in Spain, Sitges is full of ATMs that will dispense you a fistful of euros at the press of the button (just remember your pin!). A little word of warning, whilst most restaurants and shops will accept credit cards there will be smaller bars, eateries and independent art galleries where you'll be expected to pay in cash. The exchange rate for euros to pounds/dollars naturally varies and is a good place to check the current rates.

ATMS (Cash Machines)

You won't have trouble finding an ATM in Sitges, but if you do have to ask for directions then donde esta un cajero automatico? should get you the response you're looking for. Your bank back will determine the exchange rate, but it's almost always much more competitive than you'd get at a bureau d'exchange. One very important thing to remember is to press 'no' to any bank offering you cash in your native currency - see our tips and advice page. If you click yes you will have your cash converted at an unfavourable rate by the Spanish bank. Boo hiss!

Traveller Cheques

Traveller's cheques. Ha ha ha yeah good one. Unless you're married to Wilma Flintstone you won't be needing these.

Bureaux de Change

If you do have some cash to change up just be sure to check at least two bureaux to ensure you don't get the mug's rate.


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Check with two bureaux? I'd like find just one!

Reply Nov 5th, 2018

Are there any coin counting machines in Sitges like you find in some UK supermarkets and banks?

Reply Aug 17th, 2018