Sitges Cultural Attractions

A small fishing village, with a sideline in wine production, for most of it's history, Sitges left it late before staking it's claim in Catalonia's cultural heritage. It did so in the late 19th/early 20th Century when the town became an intellectual centre of the Modernista movement.

Artists like Santiago Rusinol, Ramon Casas and Miquel Utrillo either lived, or spent a considerable part of their time in Sitges, and the influence of the Art Nouveau movement which they championed is still visible in everything from the ubiquitous ceramic street signs to the intricately-wrought iron lampposts around town. A good way to investigate this epoch is at the Cau Ferrat Museum, the house where Rusinol installed his art collection. Whilst Sitges' medieval hospital was given a Modernista facelift in the 20th Century and filled with art throughtout the ages, courtesy of American millionaire, Charles Deering. Other than that a visit to Sant Bartomeu Church is worthwhile. And if you're thinking that Sitges is a little light on permanent cultural attractions, then check out our events and festivals section as there's an enviable annual calendar of things going on.

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Looking for Sunday Mass times

United Kingdom,
Church of St. Bartomeu & St. Tecla

A wonderful spot. No wonder so many international couples choose to get married here! If only my husband had been so thoughtful!

United States,
Church of St. Bartomeu & St. Tecla

Simply wonderful. Can't imagine Sitges without it!

Church of St. Bartomeu & St. Tecla