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If you've come to Sitges and decided to settle down, we don't blame you. The allure of this coastal jewel is plain to see, and few can escape it's siren-esque call! Naturally you're going to need a hand getting started and this is where the Local Life services section could come to the rescue.

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Placa Eduard Maristany

We've started compiling a directory of language schools, real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers who you might want to consult at some stage or other during your new life in Spain!

Reviews about Sitges Services

absolutely loved it. omg. i went here with my girlfriend Beth Meers and we had a great time in the train station ;)

Virgin Islands,
Sitges Train Station

Sorry, no information, but---- my partner David and I are moving from San Diego,Ca to Sitges in November. We visited there in March 2016 on our way to Aix De Provence and fell in love with this charming place. We are retired and decides to make Sitges our home for one year to see more of Europe. We are looking for a 2 bed/2 bath, fully furnished apartment and are soooo looking forward to be part of this beautiful place. See you in November 2016 Karine and David

United States,
Sitges Train Station

Spent a delightful 1.5 hours waiting for trains to start running after carnival... very comfortable benches

United States,
Sitges Train Station
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