It's Party Time in Prague!

For the last ten years Prague has made a name for itself as one of the hottest party destinations in Europe, and it's still going strong. This ancient and beautiful capital was the quickest of all the Central and East European cities to throw off the shackles of Communism and start playing catch up on the good times!

The raw energy of the nightlife, and the ever-increasing number of hot bars and clubs would make Prague a natural gravitation point for stag groups, even if it wasn't for the two aces up the city's sleeve: the Czech beer and the Czech girls!

This Slavic nation is the home of both Pilsner and the original Budweiser (Budvar), and its fair to say that the good citizens of the Czech Republic brew the best pints outside Bavaria. And what's more a glass of amber nectar in Prague will set you back just a fraction of the cost of a the fizzy water they serve back home.

As for the women...? Well a stag weekend wouldn't be a stag weekend without the chance to ogle and flirt with some of the sexiest women never to win a Miss World competition. You've heard the rumours about Eastern European hotties, and the Czech girls above all others will have your rubbing your eyes in amazement. Make sure the stag keeps his hands to himself, or else there's a real danger he'll cancel the wedding and fall for the first Eva, Petra or Martina he meets!

With that kind of introduction you've probably already gone and booked your flights - but just one question remains. How to make the most of a stag weekend in Prague? Luckily it's an easy one: simply contact us at Prague Life. With the help of our expert regional operators, Crazy Stag Prague, we'll organise a package that knocks the socks of the competition and catapults your stag night into the strictly 'legendary' category!

Drop us a line and we'll help you organise everything from your airport pick-up to your accommodation, but most importantly the stag activities (such as shooting, paintballing and lesbian boat cruise...) that will make your weekend unique!