Health Services in Moscow

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ul. 1st Tvesrskaya-Yamskaya 5

1. American Dental

4 reviews
ul. Bolshaya Dmitrovka 7/5

2. US Dental Care

1 review
per. Grokholsky 31

3. International SOS

0 reviews

Reviews about Health Services in Moscow

The amount of cancellations by the centre were too numerous to count. They did not handle emergency's and on occasions were unprepared / unstocked for our visit. Found service very Poor

American Dental

Excellent American style standards of Dentistry. Real team work and expected outcome just as good. Really. Glad they're in Moscow. Place to go to.

United States,
American Dental

They take good care of you.

United States,
American Dental

Excellent dentists, excellent work. Suprised to find such a place in Moscow, Russia.

United States,
American Dental

Just to say that the guys and gals at US Dental Care were amazing. Had a stress free filling. very professional. decent prices. i'd recommend to other expatriates in Moscow

United States,
US Dental Care