Armenian Restaurants in Moscow

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Malyy Ivanovskiy Pereulok, 9

1. Noah's Ark

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Reviews about Armenian Restaurants in Moscow

Добрые люди России, пожалуйста, знайте, что Путин заставляет российских солдат стрелять в мирных жителей в Украине. Солдаты обстреляли жилые районы, и ДЕТИ были убиты. Почти 6000 российских солдат погибли. Нацистов нет. Весь западный мир был вынужден ввести жесткие санкции против России. Мы ненавидим видеть, как вы все страдаете из-за сумасшедшего.

Noah's Ark

Russia has invaded Ukraine. The Ukrainian people are fighting for their country and their lives. Their country is being destroyed. Thousands of women and children have fled Ukraine - the Ukrainian men have stayed to fight Russian soldiers from destroying their country. This is the real truth. Stop this war on Ukraine.

Noah's Ark

wheres noah in his ark?

United Kingdom,
Noah's Ark

We were in Noah's Ark 2 years ago. Came to visit Moscow again in May and mind N.A. Its perfect place for dinner and it really costes to visit! Picturesque, amazing atmosphere, tasty dishes! You have to try shashlyks it is served with fire.. great view! Thnx to N.A. We'll back again!

Noah's Ark