Moscow Metro

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Let's be frank - this is the mother of all metros - elegant and impressive compared with the rather grubby affairs in London and New York, and full of passion and style if you ever feel like putting it up against the soulless affairs of the Far East. Many of Moscow's metro stations are architectural masterpieces, heavily themed-up with sculptures, reliefs and mosaics expounding the benefits of a healthy communist life, so expect a full-on dose of soldiers, workers, tractor-drivers, artists and sportsmen.

The Moscow Metro not only looks good - it really works efficiently too. Prices are very reasonable (60 roubles will buy you a ticket valid for 5 trips city-wide), and the trains run very frequently and very fast. A couple of tips - make sure to put your ticket correctly into the entry barrier and COLLECT IT before trying to pass through (see the diagram above from the back of a metro ticket), otherwise good Soviet era engineering will make an efficient effort to amputate your legs with its jaw-snapping barriers! (It's not quite that bad, but it'll certainly have the Pavlovian effect required) Likewise, the doors of the trains themselves are not worth playing with. Forget the slow-closing and feeble doors of the London Underground - Moscow's train doors operate with guillotine-life efficiency and speed.

Of course navigating Moscow's metro can be tricky, especially if you're not so familiar with the language. However head straight to 'moscow metro map' for a handy guide with anglicized letters!


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At some metro stations you can pay for travel using the PayPass card directly. The stations are marked in the diagram below.

Reply Nov 11th, 2021
Bill Dunn
United States

When you leave the Metro, in many places you can buy a shot of Vodka at a vendor's stand at the top of the stairs.

Reply Apr 3rd, 2011
Harbhajan Singh

Moscow metro is the BEST inthe world with a class of architecture and art.

Reply Feb 8th, 2011

This information is outdated.

Reply Oct 18th, 2010
United States

Great site. I miss Moscow. Learned a little Russian by riding the Metro and deciphering the recorded station calls.

Reply Oct 15th, 2010
shashiraj singh

Moscow......miss u a lot specially your metro-a beauty..........

Reply Jul 14th, 2010
United Kingdom

So shocked by the terrible tragedy on the metro today. As a Londoner, my thoughts are with those who have lost families and friends. We have suffered the same through terrorism.

Reply Mar 29th, 2010

I was in Moscow last summer and the metro in Moscow is beautiful.

Reply Oct 25th, 2009
Stacey Bowles
United States

The Moscow Metro Stations ARE the most beautiful!!! And, if you are going to be visiting Russia, it helps to, at least, learn to read cyrillic. Carry cards with common words on them (Exit, Closed, Open, etc)

Reply Jul 21st, 2009
United States

When I click on the "moscow metro map" link, all I get is "Sorry! This page does not exist!" Kind of disappointing -- I was looking for a handy guide to the Metro. Oh well, guess I'll keep Googling till I find one!

Reply Jul 3rd, 2009
Cengiz Uneri

I like the way of language you are telling, it makes me laughing. Good stuff!

Reply Jun 2nd, 2009
United Kingdom

It would be very useful if the Metro Map link worked. If this had worked my rating 5/5 but at the moment it is 1/5

Reply May 20th, 2009

Well, although most of the other countries in the whole world would like to dispute the fact that moscows metro is the excellent subways in the world, but it is with no doubt the best of the best. Anyone who ever doubts that should let his eyes be his witnesses. Добры пожаловат всех.

Reply May 7th, 2009
jim gallagher
United Kingdom

I have to agree that Moscow metro is fantastic to look at.However as I do not speak a word of Russian and trying to read Russian is a nightmare, It would be wonderful to see more maps and even better if they were in English.

Reply Feb 12th, 2009

going sightseeing is made quite easy and affordable using the moscow metro. the architecture is all together another tourist destination

Reply Sep 16th, 2008
Sankar Reddy

The best way to commute in Moscow. Fast, Reliable, Cheap.

Reply Jul 8th, 2008
Manish Verma

Moscow Metro-Number One Metro in World , very beautiful station and very clean

Reply Feb 4th, 2008

Our Moscow Merto is indeed the best in the world! Come over and enjoy it!=)

Reply Sep 8th, 2007
Saurabh Nagpal

Obviously and without any doubt, Moscow metro is THE BEST in the world. Metro maps are available with English names.

Reply Aug 11th, 2007
Terry Ferrari
United Kingdom

Moscow metro is without doubt superb. Intimidating if you cannot read cyrillic, but adds to the adventure. There are so many great things about Moscow, go see for yourself

Reply Apr 14th, 2007
Keith Williams
United Kingdom

The Metro is the BEST thing about Moscow!

Reply Feb 21st, 2007