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Getting around Miami

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About the guide

The uniqueness of Miami is second to none. Here, people from around the world flock to enjoy the sun, beaches, and parties. The food scene is certainly one of the best in the country, and wherever you go, interesting local culture is all around. Get a broad overview of some of Miami's neighborhoods with the below walking tour, or skip directly to some of the more specific pages about Miami. 

Eating in Miami - An eclectic mix of international flavors will always keep you excited for the next meal. 

Shopping in Miami - This shopping mecca includes more than strip malls. Expect lovely outdoor shopping and great outlet deals.  

Culture in Miami - Get a sense of Miami's local culture indoors and outdoors.


A Walking Tour

On a whole, Miami is not a walking city, but certain neighborhoods are very friendly to on-foot explorers. Take advantage of walking tours in various neighborhoods, which target art lovers who want to get to know the local scene more intimately. These events take place at different days throughout the month.

Miami Beach, and South Beach in particular, caters to those who want to mosey around, weaving in and out of a variety of shops, restaurants, museums, and the beach. Lincoln Road is a particularly popular outdoor pedestrian mall, lined with top-notch shopping, grub, and people-watching. Similarly, up and down Ocean Drive is a popular waterfront stroll.

In the Wynwood Art District, a revitalized artistic neighborhood is an ideal place to stroll. Admire the larger-than-life murals - the art of local artists who were commissioned wall-by-wall. This is an ideal neighborhood to participate in an art walk, but many visitors also enjoy strolling at their own pace. The neighborhood is also a favorite for great restaurants and bars, so there is no shortage of experiences for many blocks. Ambitious walkers can even walk up and down to and from Downtown Miami, and further north.

Walking around Little Havana will give you a great opportunity to experience local Cuban culture firsthand. Visitors and locals alike flock to famous restaurants like La Carreta and Versailles. Local Cuban coffee counters are also a great place to try authentic caffeine and guava pastries. For some, searching for a Cuban cigar is a great reason to stroll around the neighborhood, where establishments such as El Titan del Bronze sell authentic hoagies.


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