Miami Travel Tips

Travel Smart

It’s an unfortunate truth that public transportation in Miami won’t get you very far. There is a free Metromover that connects several major locations in the city, but overall it’s not easy to get everywhere you want to go with public transportation. Miami is not a walking city but its neighborhoods are, which is why many visitors never leave Miami Beach despite the fullness of the rest of the city. The best bet is to rent a car if you plan on seeing more than the area around your hotel.


Standard tipping for restaurants, bars, and services is 15-20% on top of the total bill. It sounds like a lot, to European tourists especially, but keep in mind that most employees working for these wages are living off what you tip them. Many establishments add mandatory tips for groups, check on the bill before calculating!

Closing Time

Like NYC, Miami is truly a city that never sleeps - very often nightlife and early morning commuters overlap. Many bars and clubs stay open until 5am, restaurants typically close earlier, especially on weekdays. But in neighborhoods such as Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, and Coconut Grove, a nightlife pulse is pumping all weekend long.

Staying in Touch

For those traveling from other countries with smartphones, simply remember to turn airplane mode on and WiFi on. Free internet is prevalent in many restaurants, hotels, and cafes, though you may need to bug an employee for a password. SIM cards can be widely purchased for pay-as-you-go calls, but Skype and similar online services are just as useful most of the time.


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