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Fantastic service, care and treatment. Highly recommend using the team for dental care.

French Dental Centre

I will be at Kiev for the 22 of july untill the Steven of august .. I want know what is a price for an implant incisive maybe 3 .. What is the price on Canadian dollars .. An do you speak French language ?..

French Dental Centre

This summer I had quite a lot of teeth done there and result went far beyond my expectations. One of best experiences with dentist in my life so far. Highly recommend to everyone!

French Dental Centre

Excellent. I had a lot of work done there and could not be happier with the work they did. I saved a lot of money going there to have a bunch of root canals and crowns done in 2005. I only speak English and had no problems. I have a friend headed overseas in a few weeks and he plans to go there after talking to me:) Great place and people there.

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French Dental Centre