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ul. Artema 52a

1. Hostel Kiev

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this review is spot on. a bit of a sh!tty hostel if the truth be known and a far cry from a modern hostel full of perks and freebies and friendly travellers. Still the staff gave us extra heaters and blankets when we were freezing in feb, and more importantly they helped us when our mate went AWOL after an incident in club 112 (don't go there - wasn't just us, receptionist told us it has happened before). Anyway, I don't want to put anyone going off Kiev/Kyiv - it is a wonderful place, wonderful people (for the most part!) and there's plenty to see and do. Did i mention the women are fiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt! Looking forward to returning during summertime and hitting the city beaches...

United Kingdom,
Hostel Kiev