World's Largest Container Ship Visits Gdansk

The largest container ship, Triple-E, entered Gdańsk port. The vessel is 73 m tall (as much as in a 20-storey building) and ca. 400 m long, and can hold as much as 18,000 containers.

The arrival of the giant has evoked major interest among the residents of Gdańsk, who were flocking in to the harobur just to have a glimpse on the ship as it was entering the port. The audience commented that the process looked like "ants moving an elephant".

Triple - E's visit to Gdańsk is its first one. The city of Solidarność is the tenth city on its maiden voyage.

"The ship's presence proves the fact of ecomic recovery. This will be a regular line, which will hopefuly facilitate acquiring new large and powerful trade partners" said Dorota Raben, the President of the Board of the Sea Port in Gdańsk.


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