Mustache Envy

Former Polish president - and national hero for his role in the Solidarity movement - Lech Walesa, is being sued for defamation. Seems he's having a bit of a spat with current president, Lech Kaczynski. After Kaczynski criticised Mr. Walesa over a recently-published report claiming several men in Poland's military intelligence service during Walesa's presidency (1990-1995) were trained in the former USSR, Walesa (or Walesa's mustache, we're not sure which) had this to say: "We have a blockhead for president."

Kaczynski, in response, has filed a lawsuit for defamation, pointing out that no one is above the law, not even the upper lip of Mr. Ex-president. The law Kaczynski is exercising to lash back at Walesa (for lack of witty retort) states that offending the head of state is a crime and carries a three-year prison sentence.

Ironic, no? - That the man instrumental in delivering Poland out from under the Communist regime now faces a potential three-year prison sentence for exercising his freedom-of-speech?

"I stick by what I said," Mr Walesa told AFP news agency. "We'll see each other in court." Can't wait to hear his testimony...


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