Heineken Open'er Festival

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If you haven't heard about the Heineken Opener Festival in Gdynia, it's time to book a ticket to find out why it's one of the best around.

The 2011 line-up is still adding acts, but with Coldplay already signed up, Open'er likely will best itself with an amazing variety of top international dance, rock and pop artists being supported by Poland's finest acts:

2011 Heineken Open'er Festival

The action will take place from 30/6/2011 to 3/7/2011 at Gdynia's Kosokowo Airfield.

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Also, if you're planning on a visit to the Gdansk area and need accommodations before, after or during the festival, check out our hotels listings or book here. See you there!

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United Kingdom

The Opener has got to be one of the best organized festivals. Alterart do a brilliant job, the bus services shipping people in from Gydinia is spot on. I was at the opener in 2008,2009 and 2010, this year was great but it was hard to surpass 2009 because of the line up ( for me it could not get any better). This year the opener really took on a new feel and it now has the international feel with a draw of festival goers from all over Europe. 2011 it will be the Coke festival in Krakow for me. The word is out on the opener and I still like my rough diamonds.Enjoy and do not miss the opportunity of going to the Opener, the Polish people are fantastic and know how to party.

Reply Jul 6th, 2010
United States

It was briliant: http://www.mmtrojmiasto.pl/7766/2009/12/9/heineken

Reply Jul 5th, 2010

Best festival and the best audio experience since I heard Pink Floyd play at Valle Hovin in Norway in the 1980's. The most important thing and that is number one's music experience, and we have the logistics of travel, eating, sleeping, toilet, tendon and artist deposits which is number 2 Both were very good, perhaps the most impressive was the logistics ... Not seen anything like it ever!

Reply Jul 5th, 2010
United States

Great line-up but major organisational cock-ups. For starters, they run out of wristbands on day one.

Reply Jul 2nd, 2010
United States

crap festival at all

Reply Jun 29th, 2010

Hi i'm interested about 4days ticket+camping. maybe somebody sell it? ainars.kundrats@inbox.lv

Reply Jun 26th, 2010

Hi i'm interested about 4days ticket+camping. maybe somebody sell it?

Reply Jun 26th, 2010
Alexa Montgomery
United Kingdom

I've got two tickets to sell - I've bought too many - would happily sell them for a little cheaper than the festival site price because I dont want them to go to waste... email me alexamonty@gmail.com

Reply Jun 22nd, 2010

People! bullsh... the weekly tickets for busses cost you 90zl and about 30zl for train!!!

Reply May 20th, 2010
United States

That is an un-real line up! I gotta go...dang it!!!

Reply Apr 17th, 2010

This is going to be a crazy festival

Reply Mar 29th, 2010

Pearl Jam, Kasabian and The Hives all confirmed for 2010 open er!

Reply Feb 25th, 2010

Can't wait till the next open' er. Even though i can't remember half of the last one!

Reply Jan 19th, 2010
United Kingdom

Wow, totally loved the Opener Fest. Especially as I knew nothing about it until I arrived in Gdansk.(Talk about being in the right place at the right time - half my favourite UK bands all together). Top fest!

Reply Jul 30th, 2009
music man
United States

2008 was amazing, and the 2009 lineup is absolutely tops. Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys! I'll be there.

Reply Jun 13th, 2009

Please visit www.opener.pl there is more info about this festival, line up itc

Reply Feb 22nd, 2007
Little D
United Kingdom

when is the Heineken Opener 2007 by the way? Which bands are playing?

Reply Feb 15th, 2007
Big D
United Kingdom

I was there! Bring on Opener 2007. This has to be the best festival in Poland - if not the Woorrrrrrrrlllllddddddddd!!!!!!!

Reply Feb 2nd, 2007