Five tips to personalize your fully furnished place

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Moving to a new country and city is exciting and will bring you lots of new memories. But especially if you will be living in a fully furnished place for the first months, it might be hard to really feel at home in your house. In this article I will share five low-budget and easy-to-do tips to personalize your fully furnished room, apartment or house.


Although it will not be appreciated if you make permanent and non-erasable changes to your temporary place, there are still many things you can do. To begin with the floorplan. Change the layout of the room till you really like it and it matches your lifestyle. If the television is not important to you, move it aside, and if you like to eat with many people give the dining table a good location. If you like to be outside, make sure the doors to the garden or balcony can be easily accessed or at least that you can look outside from your favourite spot (chair, couch). Often you can also find a small place for your laptop as mini office (or buy a small table for that).

Add your personal favourites

If you are going to move, don’t put your all-time favourite small items in the long term storage. With your best cooking pot, most beautiful or loved pictures and books that you can read and re-read forever, you always carry a bit of home with you. And with your favourite coffee or tea mug every day starts just a little better!

Wall decoration

If there are posters, clocks or any other items hanging on the walls of your temporary house, think of changing them (or just put them in a cupboard if you don’t like them). Your favourite artwork or picture will give a much more personal touch. For smaller objects, like polaroid pictures and postcards, washi tape or any other removable tape is your friend!


Another thing with these fully furnished houses is that there is in general not a living thing in the interior… Adding a fruit basket, fresh herbs in the kitchen, plants or flowers helps tremendously to give it a more homey atmosphere (check the Dutch word ‘gezellig’ ;-) ).

If you also have an outside space like a balcony or terrace, think of one or two plants for there as well. Maybe you like to grow your own fruit and veggies: buy strawberry plants, tomatoes or pepper plants! Pots can be found in a garden centre or for less money at a second-hand store.

A soft touch

With cushions, blankets and maybe even a rug you can really change the look (and feel!) of the living area. Maybe you choose for your favourite colour scheme? Or colours and prints that remind you of home? Both will work!

Also in the bedroom some extra pillows and a nice blanket will make a big difference. And any of these you can take with you to your next home!


The Eindhoven area has many shops that can provide you with low-budget furniture and accessories. You can think of Leenbakker, Kwantum, Karwei and Søstrene Grene for new items. However, also try your luck at the many second-hand shops. Better for the environment and often filled with items that are pretty unique. Look for ‘kringloop’ or ‘kringloopwinkel’ on Google. Other beautiful items you can find in the stores packed with fresh Dutch design at Strijp-S and Strijp-R (go visit Piet Hein Eek, one of my personal favourites and really nice as well if you don’t want to buy a thing).

Moving to your next house

Hopefully you will be happy in your new city and prolong your stay, or maybe even choose for a permanent stay! If you move to a semi- or unfurnished house, many of the ideas above can guide you as well to turn your house into a true home.

Choose a lay-out, and in this case also the furniture, which fit your living habits and family situation. And maybe you can make a simple moodboard, for which you select your favourite colours, materials, styles and items? It will give you support in the many decisions you will need to make. If you still need some help, or simply do not have the time to work on your interior, contact one of the experts around.

About the author

Sagitta Peters is an Eindhoven based coach and trainer at Sagitta Peters Career and burnout coachingAs a chemical engineer, I worked as managing director of an interdisciplinary research institute with many international employees. While pursuing my professional training to become a certified coach, I enjoyed working as a part-time interior advisor (self-employed). 

Today, I am active as a career and burnout coach for highly educated professionals. As a career coach I help coachees to find more satisfaction in their work situation. Topics range from personal growth to possible career changes. As I experienced burnout myself, I am very aware of the importance of a proper recovery. I’ve therefore specialised in burnout coaching as well. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to start working with me.



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