Amsterdam Weather

What's the weather in Amsterdam like?

Curious to find out if the weather gods will smile upon your stay in Amsterdam with sunshine? Check out our short-term weather prognosis above, where you can view up on current and upcoming forecasts for the next few days in Amsterdam. Below you'll find a summary of average temperature highs in Amsterdam throughout the year in a month-by-month chart.

January: 5.8 Celsius
February: 6.3 Celsius
March: 9.6 Celsius
April: 13.5 Celsius
May: 17.4 Celsius
June: 19.7 Celsius
July: 22.0 Celsius
August: 22.1 Celsius
September: 18.8 Celsius
October: 14.5 Celsius
November: 9.7 Celsius
December: 6.4 Celsius

With its close proximity to the North Sea, Amsterdam has an oceanic climate, which means the its weather can be compared to places like Seattle, New Zealand, and the UK. As you might guess, this does mean that rain is a common sight in Amsterdam, with an average of 187 days of precipitation annually. Rain is common throughout the year, and many days waver between sun and rain, so it's best to be prepared with an umbrella most of the time. Rain aside, weather in Amsterdam is typically mild and temperatures rarely get neither very hot, nor very cold. Even in the depths of winter, it's rare to see the thermometer show anything lower than -5 Celsius at night.


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Well, the weather sucks.

Sep 13th, 2012
Amsterdam Life

Agreed! Best get into a pub I reckon!

Sep 21st, 2012