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Welcome to our big and beautiful Amsterdam interactive map! Thanks to a little help from the good folks at Google, we've compiled this convenient, zoomable map of the locations listed throughout our guide. Find exactly what you're looking for by using the handy drop down menus on the left to display all of the restaurants, hotels, clubs, shops, entertainment, museums, and services currently on Amsterdam Life. Our map is always growing, so if you don't see something you think should really be added, make sure to drop us a line, or simply leave a comment below.


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Is there a printed map available for travellers, like the ones you provide in Polish cities?

Sep 21st, 2012
Amsterdam Life

Hi Joanna, Thanks for your question. We are planning a printed map probably from the middle of next year (2013). We'll also let you know when it is available.

Sep 21st, 2012

I want to save it, how can I do that?

Sep 13th, 2012
United Kingdom

Agreed. Very informative and well though-through map page.

Sep 13th, 2012

Great map, thanks :)

Sep 13th, 2012