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International Friends of Wroclaw
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International Friends of Wroclaw
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Editor's review

If you're thinking of moving lock, stock and two smokin' barrels to Wroclaw you're bound to have a few anxieties. Am I going to make friends? Will I be able to get by without knowing any Polish? What happens if I get ill? What are the schools like? In fact you could probably list another hundred questions on top! Dropping by the International Friends of Wroclaw could well prove a one-stop shop to a stress-free integration to these parts. They meet on a regular basis to swap tips, socialise and take part in fun activities and special events. Polish nationals who want get a better insight into international cultures are also very welcome. Check out their website and drop them a line - they'll be happy to hear from you.

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Ana from Spain Reply Sep 2nd, 2017

Hello everyone!I just moved to Wroclaw few days ago and plan to stay for long term. I would like to meet people who are in similar situation and we may help each other. I enjoy visiting everything related with art and history, going to live music places and in general walking around the city when it is still good weather :-) let me know if you are interested

marco from Sweden Reply Apr 26th, 2017

hi guys i m coming on holiday to visit Wroclaw in may month i would like to meet a new people to hang out i love to go out with company to have great time . i will be in Wroclaw from 9 of may till 16 may i hope to hearing from you .

Heike from Germany Reply Apr 16th, 2017

I moved to Wroclaw some months ago; and I would be happy to meet new friends from everywhere, there. I'm learning Polish but never practice because at work we speak English/German. I love to go out, esp. when there's live music and would be happy to know new places, new friends ...

Antoniya from Germany Reply Feb 24th, 2017

Hello! I recently moved to Wroclaw and I am looking for new friends. I am very outgoing female looking for girlfriend to go out and socialize in the local community. I wound like to learn Polish as well.

Heike from Germany Apr 16th, 2017

Hello; I recently moved to Wroclaw, too. Still looking for friends? So am I ... May be we could chat and find out about going out?

marco from Sweden Apr 26th, 2017

hi Antoniya are you still in Wroclaw ؟ if yes i will be gladto meet you there i will be in 9 of may next month .hope to hear from you

Raj Grover from India Reply Feb 15th, 2017

Really very impressive

Lukas from Czech Republic Reply Jan 7th, 2017

Hey! My name is Lucas. I'm looking for some friends to go out to bars in Wroclaw from time to time. ;) Most of people I know are from work. Let me know.

Heather from United States Reply Nov 22nd, 2016

I am a single mom visiting here for awhile with my dad. I am looking to meet native Polish friends around my age. 35-45 years old. Help me with speaking polish and i can help you speak english. I do not drive and do not know the public transportation. Please email so we can help each other. I would like to stay here but the language and not knowing my way around with a 5 month old is very stressful

Raj from Poland Dec 29th, 2016

Hi Heather, I am Raju from INDIA, currently working in Wroclaw - Poland, i dont know polish lang, after some time we can manage, batter you take public transportation, it is good and having good facility.

Antoniya from United States Feb 24th, 2017

HI Heather, Are you still in Wroclaw? If so we can meet up and chat. Warm regards, Antoniya

Amine from Morocco Reply Nov 15th, 2016

Hello Guys, I am planning to move soon to live in Wroclaw, i wanna make some new friends before my arrival! So i wont feel alone once there! Contact me via facebook (Ahmed Amine NAJI). Cant wait !!

Yona from South Korea Reply Oct 9th, 2016

Hello guys, I am going to move to Poland, Warsaw November. And since tomorrow, I will stay in Wroclaw for a business trip from Germany, where I am living now. Anyway, I hope to find nice people to have fun, drink, tasty foods with

barkbiga from Burkina Faso Reply Sep 20th, 2016

Hello guys , I'm new In Wroclaw , i would like to have some tips about the city and maybe meet new people .I also looking for a flat to rent , so feel free to contact me .

elewa from Egypt Reply Sep 6th, 2016

Hello everybody, I will be on wroclaw for about 10 days on October 2016. I would be glad to meet some polish people to make my life easier

Juma from Oman Reply Aug 12th, 2016

Hi everybody :) I am new here in Wroclaw and in Poland :) I would be happy to meet here nice and friendly people I will be in Oct in Wroclaw

Saurabh R from India Reply Mar 10th, 2016

Hey All, I have moved recently to Wroclaw, Looking for new friends.. Would be happy to welcome nice and like minded friendly pple...cheers

Szymon from Poland Reply Feb 3rd, 2016

Hi there, If you want to practice your Polish in return for your English, I can help you. We can also meet in Rynek or go cycling or go to a gym every so often. My aim is to improve my spoken English as well as to meet new interesting people from foreign countries (especially UK, US, NZ, Aus, Can) and spend some spare time in a nice way. I am a Polish bloke from Wroclaw. My e-mail:

Antoniya from United States Feb 24th, 2017

Just moved to Wroclaw. Looking for new friends. Let me know if you want to meet up and chat.

Olesia Reply Dec 29th, 2015

Hi everybody :) I am new here in Wroclaw and in Poland :) I would be happy to meet here nice and friendly people :) Happy New Year!

Chris from Netherlands Feb 5th, 2016

Hello :) my name is Chris and I come to wroclaw for a week holiday, maybe we can meet and drink something :)

SALMAN from United Kingdom Reply Dec 9th, 2015

Hello Everyone , I am from London, UK , Coming to Wroclaw on long term project to work for IBM as Senior SAP/IT Consultant , I will appreciate if anyone can help me in finding a studio or single bedroom flat near to IBM office ( UI Muchobroska 8, 54-424 Wroclaw). 5 - 10 mins walking distance is also good. I am looking for furnished flat.

Ian from Netherlands Reply Nov 10th, 2015

Hi everybody! I'm from Holland 30 years old, and been living in Wroclaw for 1 year now. Always in for a good party or meeting new people! I live on rynek and know the surroundings well. If anybody needs any help getting around let me know :)

Ricky from Sweden Reply Oct 16th, 2015

Hey I'm a 25 year old guy from Sweden and I've just moved to Wrocław. Looking for nice people to get to know!

Rini from India Reply Aug 12th, 2015

This is a wonderful site to find new friends ! :D

Saurabh from India Nov 24th, 2015

Hey , Iam moving to Wroclaw by Jan'16. Would be coming alone. Suggestion on ideal resident location? Hope culture and people allow new friends to accept in their circle? ;)

Rini Icent from India Dec 7th, 2015

Hey Saurabh, thats great. . just inbox me at

susanna from Slovakia Reply Aug 7th, 2015

Hi all! I am Susanna.. I want to know new friends here. Email

Shewan Sep 22nd, 2015

hey im new as well here and want to know and meet new friends here.

Paweł from Poland Reply Aug 3rd, 2015

Hi there! I'm Paweł from Wrocław. I'm 27 and live there, know the city very well, also have got plenty of time lastly. If anyone need a hand or any guidelines I can help out. Feel free to mail me folks :)

Sandy from Taiwan Reply May 22nd, 2015

Hi I'm Sandy and I'm new in Wroclaw. I want to know new friends here. Email:

james from United States Reply May 11th, 2015

hi i am james from US. i am coming to Wroclaw on July 5th (2015) and i will stay there 5 days. I will be staying in a hotel in downtown (not sure which one yet). I am looking for a girl to hang out during the first week of July. my email is i am friendly,kind and easy going. waiting from you.

susana from Spain Reply Mar 21st, 2015

hey everyone, im from spain and im here 2 months ego but i living in a very little town and i dont know somebody yet and i will stay here fro 4 months more. i would like meet some friends. someon can save me from this hell? i speak spanish and some english :)

james from United States May 11th, 2015

Hi Susana, i am james from US. i am coming Wroclaw in first week of July. Let me know if you will be there during the July. My email is Regards

vishal from India Reply Feb 17th, 2015

hello everyone, I m from india and I am planning this week (20-2-2015 to 22-2-2015) to go Wroclaw for two days holiday so please suggest the best places, bar and shopping places to visit in Wroclaw in two days. you can also mail me is you have any guide book for the same. Thanks in advance.

Robin from France Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

Hey everyone, I just arrived in the city 2 weeks ago. Am a 23 years old dynamic french guy looking for some new crazy adventures in da' city. Sports, volleyball, football, box, snowboard (any kind), PARTY(love this one)... I'am in !!! If anyone up to? would be great!! my facebook: --> Robin Bourgeron Cheers all!!

Harrison Paul from Panama Reply Oct 11th, 2014

Hello, I am considering the Veterinary Medicine program at the University in Wroclaw starting in fall 2015. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the English program? I have a British and Canadian passport, but have been educated in International Schools in Central America. I am fluent in English and Spanish. I am an avid showjumper, so if you have knowledge of any stables that concentrate on showumping near the city, I would appreciate you sharing that with me. I will be visiting the university the first week of November. Any suggestions would be appreciated it. You can reach me on Thank you in advance!

Francois from Poland Reply Apr 12th, 2014

Hello everyone, I'm in wroclaw since 3 months now, and looking for nice people looking for the same...I speak french and english,and all i know for now is just work! just drop me a line if interested to

Marc Evens from Canada Reply Feb 28th, 2014

Hi All, I come from Canada , i will move to Wroclaw in april and I need some friends to hang out with , I speak french and English. my email adress is : just let me know , thanks !

Jolanta from Poland May 29th, 2015

Hi Im new to Wroclaw just moved in hoping to meet cool people, go out for a drink

Sanjay from India Reply Oct 18th, 2013

Let me take the opportunity to ask if there are any badminton enthusiasts around here. My email id is

Ludivine Candelier from France Reply Oct 5th, 2013

Hello, I m new in Wroclaw, I would like meet people My adress is It will be with pleasure speak with you

Guest Reply Jul 13th, 2013

Hello, I'm New in the city and would like to meet new people in wroclaw. I'm france for a business trip for 10 days and would be happy share a drink and visit the city with local.

gaspar Reply Jun 10th, 2013

best network for EXPAT in WROCLAW

MARIA Reply May 17th, 2013

Ladies and guys, Let's keep fit! On this Saturday (18.05) at 9am will be 1rst openning fat burning training in Poludniowy Park. Athletic and comfortable clothes are necessary. Are you interested in? contact: or 507 - 033- 375.

Monika from Poland Reply May 17th, 2013

Hey ! I'm Monika and originally i come from Poland, but now i'm living in Shanghai, i'm coming back to Poland (Wroclaw) on June and i'm looking for friends:) i can speak english , german, chinese and polish :) if you are interested - write to me with a few words about yourself :)!

Apple from Thailand Reply Nov 4th, 2012

Well come to be my friends !

Apple from Thailand Reply Nov 4th, 2012

Hi :)))))))))). Every body . My name name 's apple . I'm 26 year old . I come from Thailand . I live in Wroclaw more then one year . I have no friends here . I will very happy to meet new friends .winter comming !! Take care your self everyone >_

Maarten from Belgium Jul 22nd, 2015

Hi Apple i'm maarten, originaly from belgium, my mother is from poland. Speak english, french, Dutch and polish. I only stay in wroclaw for two days, short but wanne make it worth. If you find a space in your agenda, wanne grap a bite or a drink, feel free to contact me. +32486082649 (whatsapp or viber)

Irina from Germany Reply Jul 14th, 2012

Hi, I'm moved to Wroclaw two months ago and I'm looking for new people to go out, enjoy the city and so on...

Ludivine Candelier Oct 5th, 2013

Hello Irina, I'm new foreign in Wroclaw. are you always in Poland? BR

Baker Nafa from Germany May 26th, 2014

Hi Irina, wenn du Lust hast, schreibst Du mir auf!

Hylroy Bramble from United Kingdom Reply Apr 27th, 2012

Hi i am a football manager from London. I am looking to put together a weekend tour for my under 12 football team and my girlfriend who is Polish keeps going on about what a beautiful place Wroclaw is, so i thought what better place to keep these football matches. However i have no football contacts to set up these matches and would be grateful if someone can give me a contact that i can set up these matches with. Thanks

Sean Crowder from Australia Reply Jan 2nd, 2012

Hello everyone, i'm Sean from Australia, this is my 3rd time to Wroclaw and i must say i really love this city and Poland.. My girlfriend lives here and her friends and family are amazing and make me feel very welcome here.. As im doing my best to learn Polish and love the Language it would be great to meet some friends that i can speak my Aussie Language to.. Hope your all enjoying the New Year.. Sean

Przemek from Poland Jan 19th, 2016

Hi Still interested in hanging out with sb? I am a Polish guy from Wroclaw who wants to meet some new people from foreign countries. I like sports e.g. jogging, going to gyms, cycling. I would also like to go to a pub in Rynek from time to time. Regards Przemek

Dan from Romania Reply Oct 30th, 2011

Hi guys, I just moved in Wroclaw a couple a months ago and I am looking to meet new people to have fun and enjoy the city. :)

Matthew hoffmann from Australia Reply Oct 24th, 2011

Hello there, i am an Australian that has just recently moved to Wroclaw as i met my Polish fiance on my 2 year travels while living in the UK.My Question is I am looking for some information about getting health insurance as in who is the cheapest and what company would be best being a foreigner and my situation. I am not a student and will not be working as my fiance and myself are applying for a Partner Visa for Australia and that process simply takes time, so if you have any helpful information that could steer me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated. Thank you Matt

Sarah from United States Reply Oct 2nd, 2011

Hey guys! Ive also just recently moved to Wroclaw (from Puerto Rico) and will be taking the course starting tomorrow. Look forward to meeting new people to hang out with!

Matt from Canada Reply Sep 24th, 2011

Hey whats up everybody? I just moved to worclaw from canada. Just looking for some english speakers to hang out with. I can be reached at Im starting the polish corse at the university on oct 3 anyone else?

SIGNI Ferdinand from Cameroon Reply Jan 25th, 2011

hi i am a cameroonian living now at Modena in Italy. I have a work offer at Wroclaw city and i would like to know more about this city. Moreover i would like to know what could be the average salary to feel confortable in this this city. Could anyone help me please i need those informations to evaluate the offer. Thanks Regards

Ronan from Thailand Reply Sep 24th, 2010

I am studying polish language at Wroclaw Univeristy now and It's very difficult! Anybody studying there? I wanna have many new friends in Wroclaw to practice my polish.

Doris from Poland Reply Sep 27th, 2009

Hi, hier schreibt Doris aus Wroclaw(Breslau). Ich suche eine deutsche Person, welche gerne die polnische Sprache lernen möchte. Umgekehrt möchte ich gerne die deutsche Sprache erlernen. meine e-mail ist

Wendy from United Kingdom Reply Aug 31st, 2009

How strange that people seem to think that International Friends of Wroclaw is a search service for distant relatives! There are genealogy specialists that can help you with these kinds of matters.

Mandy Wright from Netherlands Reply Apr 23rd, 2009

Hello everyone, this is just to let you know about LINK - School of polish for foreigners. They are located in the city centre Plac Solny 13 and they are really great! Polish is not easy but the teachers there make really an effort to help you remember key phrases. And it's really good fun!!! Try it!!! Professional service for resonable money.

Jessica Lockhart from Poland Reply Aug 5th, 2008

International Friends of Wroclaw is NOT an agency that looks for people. IFW welcomes foreigners who move into town.

Louise Steytler from South Africa Reply Aug 5th, 2008

In the 1800 one of my forefathers, Georg Hauptfleisch, emigrated from Breslau to South Africa. I am planning to visit Wroclaw in the autumn of 2009 to look up any Hauptfleisch that may still be living in Wroclaw. It would be wonderful if it is a descendent of Georg. I saw on internet that there is Hauptfleisch living in Wroclaw. Please help me contact the Hauptfleisch family

Angelo from Italy Reply Aug 1st, 2008

Hi, I'M Angelo, 3 year agò I've know Ania, she live in Polkovice. Please help me to find her e-mail adress!!!!

tommaso from Italy Reply Jun 24th, 2008

Hi,i am tommaso.I am an italian boy and three years ago i kwew in my country a polish girl called Iza, from wroclaw, 19 years old.I have lost her phone numeber and e-mail,and i'd like to find again her.Please help me,thank you

Edward from China Reply Jun 1st, 2008

I have a penpal friend named Pawel, aged 26, in Wroclaw. He has learned a little Chinese. I lost touch with him because of the problem of my email box. Can you help me to find him?

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