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As promised, here's a spiffy interactive map of Vilnius to help you find your way and guide you to all the best clubs, restaurants, hotels and hostels, attractions, and whatnots in the city. Choose a field from the left, then click on the tabs to get more information - it's never been easier!

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Hey, where is the centre of Europe?


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Fa from Spain Reply Nov 17th, 2016

Hello from spain

from United States Reply Jul 5th, 2011


tb from Lithuania Reply Dec 5th, 2010

Just moved to Vilnius. Useful guide to get started finding my around. May I join others who ask you find more places to add to the list. I suggest two wonderful restaurants, both Italian. Esse on Gedimino and St. Valentinas on Vilniaus.

Tetra from Estonia Reply Feb 28th, 2010


m from United States Reply Nov 20th, 2009

kl;j,m k

Anna Ronka from Finland Reply Aug 16th, 2009

Nice pages, easy to find information and to use, OK+

Vaidas from United States Reply Jun 25th, 2009

Still looking

wjtk from Poland Reply Jun 23rd, 2009


Usman from Lithuania Reply Apr 12th, 2009

its nice web site

rusl from Lithuania Reply Jul 30th, 2008


Karlis from Latvia Reply May 22nd, 2008


ok from United States Reply May 22nd, 2008


Maura from Ireland Reply Apr 5th, 2008

This map is a fantastic aid, I can find places so quickly, I am delighted swith it! Thank you!

Marty B from United States Reply Mar 10th, 2008

This is a really great map of the city, but it would be great if you could add a lot more places like post offices, laundrettes and maybe also places where you can pick up guided tours. It would also be cool if people could add these points by themselves - I'll help out!

tomaz from Slovenia Reply Oct 13th, 2007

very nice

Meg from United States Reply Oct 5th, 2007

This map is awesome. When did you guys get so cool? I'm totally having your babies...

Gum from United States Reply May 7th, 2007

About effing time, guys. This is leagues better than it was before. Keep adding more tags!

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