Smokin' the Grass...

...and we don't mean the grass at Palace Gardens! Prague has been called "the Amsterdam of the east" for good reason; its liberal laws and liberal policies mean that the city has earned a reputation of being pot-friendly, and an estimated 400,000 marijuana users are largely ignored by the authorities and tolerated by most everyone - not that we recommend that sort of thing...

However, if you're inclined to toke the chronic, we recommend, err, we heard that it's best not to buy it off the street, but rather ask around, particularly at more chill bars or at concerts. If you get a whiff of some wacky tobacky while you're at a concert or bar, politely ask the holder of said hippie lettuce if he knows where to buy, or perhaps if he'll sell you some of his. Some bars even have their own dealers who hang around, so courteously asking the barman may work as well. Whatever you do, never buy from a dealer who walks up to you in the street, or most often the train station. Next to cabbies ripping off tourists, so-called "dealers" are the most notorious for taking your green with no green in return, often giving you a half-second peek at something that looks like ganja but is more likely oregano, and running off with your cash after mumbling something about seeing a cop. Remember, if it looks and feels shady, it probably is.


So is it legal? Well, here are the facts:

Section 187a (1) A person who keeps, without authorization, a narcotic or psychotropic substance or a poison in a quantity greater than small shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of up to two years or by a pecuniary penalty.

Technically, smoking and possessing marijuana is illegal in Prague and the Czech Republic, though the marijuana legalization movement in the city is highly active. Under the current law on drugs, people can possess "not more than a small amount" of marijuana, though what constitutes a "small amount" is not specified, but it's generally understood as less than 4 grams. If caught, the fine is a slap on the hand costing you 1000 kc, and you might even get to keep the weed if you're lucky. The 1999 law is under pressure to be changed, particularly to separate marijuana from "hard" drugs, both in definition and punishment.

But what's the reality?

In practice, small amounts for personal use are generally allowed or might land you a minor fine at worst. In fact, even if a cop happens to walk into a bar as you're lighting up, just discreetly put it out and most likely they won't even say anything to you. And, most pubs and non-tourist bars outside of the center allow you to smoke inside, though it's polite to ask the barman first. We've heard rumours of U Sudu being weed-friendly, for example. Don't try lighting some skunk at a dance club though, unless you want Jiri the bouncer's fists to send you on a trip stronger than any chronic.

What about quality and price?

At the moment, the going rate for herb is about 250 kc per gram, though tourists tend to be charged double. Even at the double rate, it's more affordable than Amsterdam or the usual prices in the U.S. or UK. As far as quality, it's definitely more kind bud than shwag - usually straight from the cannabis capital itself, Amsterdam, and packing a punch. Unlike Americans, Europeans mix their skunk with tobacco when making joints, so don't try to smoke it straight unless you'd like to see pink elephants doing the tango around Wenceslas Square. If hash is more your bag than bud, it can be obtained from reputable dealers, though it's more rare and might be more pricey than plain old reefer.

Basically, if you're planning to get high in Prague, be kind and respectful to authorities and owners of establishments, and the bud will be kind to you. If you're not causing a problem, no one will mind if you bring your friend Mary Jane to a concert or park.


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irbex from Czech Republic Reply Feb 15th, 2017

hookup for green at

WhiteRussian from Czech Republic Reply Feb 13th, 2017

Happy to help 24/7

WhiteRussian from Czech Republic Reply Feb 13th, 2017

I definitely can help everyone with fantastic stuff here in Prague.

Evgeny from Russia Reply Feb 13th, 2017

Was getting stuff from Emilie like 2 years ago. Then she moved away maybe, as e-mail was keeping silent. Need some help on that matter. Thanks.

nAomi from Ireland Reply Feb 11th, 2017

Coming to Czech Republic on the 16 Feb. Please someone help to meet Mary !!

Knut from Norway Reply Feb 9th, 2017

Is it possible to be hooked up?

moris from Czech Republic Reply Feb 7th, 2017

Martin from Denmark Reply Feb 4th, 2017

Somebody threre Can help White some weed / hash today?

ajime from Georgia Reply Jan 31st, 2017

Can I get some weed in april 6-7-8-9/2017

Clone Prague from Czech Republic Reply Jan 28th, 2017

If you are looking for genuine normal growers , not weird bars or dodgey flats, give us a shout. we can put you in contact with local people / local growers. - we are trying hard to take green into the light in a safe comfortable environment.

scooby from Ireland Reply Jan 25th, 2017

hey guys is prague connect still doing his/her thing coming to Prague on tuesday for few nights and hoping to get sorted

philly from Ireland Reply Jan 25th, 2017

is prague connect still hooking people up. coming to prague next week

Dionne from United Kingdom Reply Jan 21st, 2017

Hey all! 2 girls on holiday looking for some bud! Know where to go or who to get it off?

Mark from United Kingdom Reply Sep 23rd, 2016

Can I get some today?

Edi from Germany Jul 31st, 2016

Guys this contact will try to ask you to send him money over westernunion Do not send any money to anyone who you don't know... To get pots in prague there are a lot of ways

herman from United States Jul 31st, 2016

That's not true I bought from him and paid through western union and make package was delivered within 30minutes he has very potent pot.

P.K from Germany Reply Jun 22nd, 2016

Word to the wise my friends DO NOT send money thru money gram or Western union. The risk of it being a scam is too damn high. Better to wait and search than to be out of 80 bucks and weedless to boot. Happy chilling!!

Alking from Germany Reply Jun 17th, 2016

Hey guys, In town for 3 days from Sunday. PC is on vacation so I need a solid reliable source to get me some weed on Sunday. Can anyone help?

David from Ireland Reply Jun 1st, 2016

Dave again prague connection sorted me out he was two days late but the stuff was far better then what the black lads give you proper buds , he had his reasoning for the late reply I respect that, if you are heading maybe email them a day or two in advanced but is recommend them as very efficient wen they are on there game

Stuart McBride from United Kingdom May 30th, 2016

Dude please get in touch :)

David from Ireland Reply May 29th, 2016

Prague connectuon is a shit cunt he said he's sort me then wouldn't text back when I arrived useless cunt

Stuart McBride from United Kingdom May 30th, 2016

I'm having the same problem all promises then no reply what a joke

P.k from Russia Jun 22nd, 2016

Dunno bought off the guy twice and it waas really cool, a little bit more expensive than Berlin but the weed was wicked and the dude showed up exactly on time! Sorry to hear you didn't have the same vibe :(

Ciaran from United Kingdom Reply May 10th, 2016

Just arrived in Prague today and am keen to test out some of the greenery. Can anyone help me out on where to buy some ?

Caddy from Romania Reply Apr 26th, 2016

Hey guys. I'm on vacation in Prague until sunday. Can you help me get a small amount of quality stuff? Thx

Scott Reply Apr 23rd, 2016

Hi, coming on vacation in Prague May 9-13, 2016, looking for small amount of good quality weed . If you can help please send me an email

john Reply Apr 18th, 2016 is a scammer

420Weed from Czech Republic Reply Apr 18th, 2016

Welcome to Prague. Your favorite green plant is just one email away. We risk it so you can get the best.indica's and sativa's. contact to get a quote

Aaron Ott from United States Reply Apr 17th, 2016

250 CZK for a gram? LOL You must be going to the wrong dealer

TheLads from United Kingdom Reply Apr 1st, 2016

I just wanted to let you guys know about our experience in Prague with getting hooked up. Contacted a couple of people from various pages/forums and the only person that acted truly professionally was Prague Connection. Helped us out all Easter Weekend. Wish we had a service like this in the UK. I won't list there contact details here as they prefer to stay low-key but a google search will show you what you need. Thanks again PC! See you next time.

Vaiva from Lithuania Reply Mar 31st, 2016

Hey fellas! Could anyone help me to get weed in Prague? +10 karma points :)

Buras from Germany Reply Mar 25th, 2016

Hey need some with weed in Prague

Scottish rab from United Kingdom Reply Mar 22nd, 2016

Great review, good information.....I'm going to Prague on Thursday for the weekend, where should I go to enjoy a nice relaxing "herbal" smoke? Who's been where recently,and how good was it

German from Ukraine Reply Mar 19th, 2016

Hi! Guys, I stay in Prague for few days, and would like to taste your weed. Hope U can help me.

kalyan from Sweden Reply Mar 17th, 2016

hey mail me where can i get weed ?

alexey from Russia Reply Mar 16th, 2016

Hi! Im going to Prague 30-31 of march, need some good pot? email me pls

Pedro from Portugal Reply Mar 12th, 2016

Hello guys, can someone help me get some really good weed in Prague? i am a discreet low profile dude, no troubles from me. Thanks in advance.

Robert Reply Mar 11th, 2016

I found Em's email! Very important: say you're a friend of a friend if you've never met because they are only dealing with a small circle of people they already know. They are very reticent about meeting new people.

Asaf from Israel Reply Mar 1st, 2016

Need a good weed hookup in prague for tomorrow. Anyone can help? Pls contact via email

Derek from United Kingdom Reply Mar 1st, 2016

Hi, I am looking at buying some high quality coke in Prague this Friday lunch time (4th March 2016). Any recommendations on where to go and who to buy from / who NOT to buy from? Message me:

mehmet from Turkey Reply Feb 27th, 2016

where can i find some pot?

Louseymouse from Netherlands Reply Feb 24th, 2016

My friend and I visiting Prague on 11-13 march and would like to buy some buds. Could someone help us out? E-mail

Td from New Zealand Reply Feb 23rd, 2016

Hi I arrived in Prague yesterday. I was suppose to have somewhere to get weed but it doesn't seem to exist anymore if someone could help me out it would be great thanks!

Rafeeqah Abrahams from South Africa Reply Feb 21st, 2016

Hi anyone know where I can buy weed for cash on delivery? Struggling with this online payments

Rasmus from Finland Reply Feb 19th, 2016

Ahoj, I've been in Brno for a couple of weeks and have not even tasted the local grass. So if somebody from here is willing to hook me up, I would really appreciate!

amir Reply Feb 18th, 2016

Hi i'm coming to Prague with my frinds on March. would love to buy some. please mail me at

vsevolod from Russia Feb 19th, 2016

Yes he is legit got some good kush from him yesterday peace bro

Mylo from United Kingdom Reply Feb 17th, 2016

Hi i'm from UK and coming to Prague with my girlfriend on 4th March (2016). Can anyone tell me where a good coffee shop is where I can pick up some good Amsterdam grade weed/hash?

rony from Israel Reply Feb 16th, 2016

hi, in prague, would love to buy some. please mail me at: thank you

Marina from Lithuania Reply Feb 16th, 2016

In Prague for a few dayz in march. would be happy if anyone gave me a contact of a reliable dd. :*

Guest Reply Feb 7th, 2016

Hello. Need to buy weed. Help pls

devel from Ukraine Reply Feb 6th, 2016

Hi guys, we finish discover many tourist's bars at Zizkov, and I want to ask you about the wider list My mail

devel from Ukraine Reply Feb 6th, 2016

Hi guys, we finish discover many tourist's bars at Zizkov, and I want to ask you about the wider list My mail

Ricky from United Kingdom Reply Feb 6th, 2016

Just arrived in Prague , desperately need some weed, can someone help?

Bob from Russia Reply Feb 5th, 2016

Now in Prague. Need to buy some weed. Can u help me? email:

Victor Reply Feb 5th, 2016

Where is Emilie? I lost the email. Please write it in this forum if you know it. Need help for April thanks!

John from Romania Reply Feb 4th, 2016

Hello. I really need some help to find some locations from where i can buy some weed. Who knows this kind of coffee shops email me please. Thanks a lot

Nikita from Russia Reply Feb 3rd, 2016

Coming to Prague on 4-7 february. 420 help me to meet Mary, my mail

Rodrigo from Chile Reply Jan 27th, 2016

HI, i arrived yesterday to Prag and definitly need some help! please mejl me im going to be around city center.

Noor from Germany Reply Jan 25th, 2016

I am arriving on the 27 th need some weed .help if some one knows where to get some .

Juliya from Israel Reply Jan 24th, 2016

I need too!!!28.01.2016

Nikesh from United Kingdom Reply Jan 24th, 2016

Looking for Chronic high grade 11th feb 2016

Victor Reply Jan 22nd, 2016

Now prague, help with good weed

Victor Reply Jan 22nd, 2016

Now in prague please help me to get good weed.

Shai from Israel Reply Jan 22nd, 2016

If someone could help me to get some weed.. Email:

Grateful Tourist from United States Reply Jan 20th, 2016

Prague Connection are the only serious people that I contacted in Prague. Straight up helped me out with no BS. Extremely thankful for your help guys!

Andrea from Germany Reply Jan 17th, 2016

Hey guys, I can help you in Prague and Budapest. Face to face, no bullshits.

siobhan from Germany May 30th, 2016

Hi I will be going to Prague could you help me sort out something thanks

Deividas from Lithuania Reply Jan 15th, 2016

hello everybody i need help today get weed in prague, i just be when 2 hours, i very want to smoke. HELP!

Georgia from United Kingdom Reply Jan 14th, 2016

In prague right now, if someone could reccomend some places that would be cool :-)

Ahren from United States Reply Jan 9th, 2016

Guys, just go to the smaller bars and ask the bartender. I walked into a smaller bar, asked the Vietnamese bartender, and he sold me some pretty good smoke for 150 krona per gram. Maybe I got lucky by stumbling across it, as the bartender is also the owner of the bar, but it's just him and his sister that work there. They speak a little English, German, Czech and Russian. I'll post the location of this bar, but it's on a busy street in Zone 2.

Boris from Russia Reply Jan 8th, 2016

I will be from 14.01 till 21.01 love Prague!))

BORIS from Russia Reply Jan 8th, 2016

*good pot

BORIS from Russia Reply Jan 8th, 2016

I will be in Prague second time in a week , if somebody needs weed, I can help) when I was the first time in Prague , I found food pot for normal price 250kc/gr. I will live in Zizkov

Martina from United Kingdom Reply Jan 5th, 2016

Arrived in Prague today, need some weed can someone help me.

Ameer Yacoub from Israel Reply Jan 5th, 2016

Now in prague, Help sameone i am looking for good weed. Email me plz

Ameer Yacoub Jan 5th, 2016

If you in prague how can we meet?

Laura from France Reply Jan 2nd, 2016

Hi, Could you give me and address of weed bar in Prague ?

Mikhail from Russia Reply Dec 25th, 2015

Hi, I am in Prague now. Can you help me with weed?) my contacts: email:

Amit Leshed from Israel Reply Dec 25th, 2015

Hey, I'm staying in Prague between the 2-6 to January and would like to get some weed, for any guidance and contact-

Dana from Israel Reply Dec 24th, 2015

Im in Prague now, if anyone can recommend somthing nice =)

Jonathan from Spain Dec 25th, 2015

Im in prague to if you find something to smoke, tell me when please !✌

wal from Lebanon Reply Dec 24th, 2015

Im in prague for Christmas and would like to get weed and mushrooms. I would appreciate any guidance. Thanks a lot Please email me

Nick from Greece Reply Dec 15th, 2015

Hi , we just arrived in Prague, looking for some relaxation, can anyone help? We're staying in old town . Pls

Una from Serbia Reply Dec 13th, 2015

I need help, I am coming to Prague for the first time and I would be interested in geting weed there.I will be there from December 30th till January 2nd. If you could help email me-

HighGuy from Sweden Reply Dec 7th, 2015

I think it has been mentioned here already but... The guys at pragueconnection really are the most professional and friendly way to buy herb in Prague. We need a service like this all over Europe! Will be in-touch for sure when we come back to Prague in March. Jonas

Terry Two Teeth from United Kingdom Dec 12th, 2015

How do I contact them?

HighGuy from Sweden Dec 14th, 2015

Just google search for "pragueconnection weed" and you will several pages where there contact information is listed. They stay pretty low key though.

Amel from Bosnia And Herzegovina Reply Nov 19th, 2015

I will be in Prague on November 25 i need help for some good weed. Mail me please :D

Mark from United States Reply Nov 19th, 2015

I found some good weed through the czechsmokers forum on facebook. glad there is some community to help in prague to stop me getting ripped off as I almost got done for 500 crowner in the big square place.

ionela from Romania Nov 27th, 2015

Hello guys. From where i can buy? I'll be in prague from tomorrow night until monday and i need. Is somone who can help me? Thanks :) facebook Ionela Anghel (Adelina)

Roman from Czech Republic Reply Nov 17th, 2015

Hi guys im here in prague until nov 24 I need some help with good stuff. Mail me prices

Sid from Germany Reply Nov 15th, 2015

I need a major connection in Prague email me

Johhnny from Mongolia Reply Nov 15th, 2015

I need weed now. Email me

Mihai from Romania Reply Nov 9th, 2015

Hi , we just arrived in Prague, looking for some relaxation, can anyone help? We're staying in old town square. Pls

jimmy from Sweden Reply Nov 8th, 2015

I'm at cannafest right now but can't find any who sells smoke. Can someone hit me up today in Prague for at least 5g please email to

SKA from Serbia Reply Nov 7th, 2015

In prague for NYE some tips for good stuff and fun?

Yellow from Bosnia And Herzegovina Reply Nov 7th, 2015

Who can help me to get some stuff in prague now?

louis from China Reply Nov 7th, 2015

I need good stuff too Please help

Mateusz from Russia Reply Nov 6th, 2015

i need good things pleas help me

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