Smokin' the Grass...

...and we don't mean the grass at Palace Gardens! Prague has been called "the Amsterdam of the east" for good reason; its liberal laws and liberal policies mean that the city has earned a reputation of being pot-friendly, and an estimated 400,000 marijuana users are largely ignored by the authorities and tolerated by most everyone - not that we recommend that sort of thing...

However, if you're inclined to toke the chronic, we recommend, err, we heard that it's best not to buy it off the street, but rather ask around, particularly at more chill bars or at concerts. If you get a whiff of some wacky tobacky while you're at a concert or bar, politely ask the holder of said hippie lettuce if he knows where to buy, or perhaps if he'll sell you some of his. Some bars even have their own dealers who hang around, so courteously asking the barman may work as well. Whatever you do, never buy from a dealer who walks up to you in the street, or most often the train station. Next to cabbies ripping off tourists, so-called "dealers" are the most notorious for taking your green with no green in return, often giving you a half-second peek at something that looks like ganja but is more likely oregano, and running off with your cash after mumbling something about seeing a cop. Remember, if it looks and feels shady, it probably is.


So is it legal? Well, here are the facts:

Section 187a (1) A person who keeps, without authorization, a narcotic or psychotropic substance or a poison in a quantity greater than small shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of up to two years or by a pecuniary penalty.

Technically, smoking and possessing marijuana is illegal in Prague and the Czech Republic, though the marijuana legalization movement in the city is highly active. Under the current law on drugs, people can possess "not more than a small amount" of marijuana, though what constitutes a "small amount" is not specified, but it's generally understood as less than 4 grams. If caught, the fine is a slap on the hand costing you 1000 kc, and you might even get to keep the weed if you're lucky. The 1999 law is under pressure to be changed, particularly to separate marijuana from "hard" drugs, both in definition and punishment.

But what's the reality?

In practice, small amounts for personal use are generally allowed or might land you a minor fine at worst. In fact, even if a cop happens to walk into a bar as you're lighting up, just discreetly put it out and most likely they won't even say anything to you. And, most pubs and non-tourist bars outside of the center allow you to smoke inside, though it's polite to ask the barman first. We've heard rumours of U Sudu being weed-friendly, for example. Don't try lighting some skunk at a dance club though, unless you want Jiri the bouncer's fists to send you on a trip stronger than any chronic.

What about quality and price?

At the moment, the going rate for herb is about 250 kc per gram, though tourists tend to be charged double. Even at the double rate, it's more affordable than Amsterdam or the usual prices in the U.S. or UK. As far as quality, it's definitely more kind bud than shwag - usually straight from the cannabis capital itself, Amsterdam, and packing a punch. Unlike Americans, Europeans mix their skunk with tobacco when making joints, so don't try to smoke it straight unless you'd like to see pink elephants doing the tango around Wenceslas Square. If hash is more your bag than bud, it can be obtained from reputable dealers, though it's more rare and might be more pricey than plain old reefer.

Basically, if you're planning to get high in Prague, be kind and respectful to authorities and owners of establishments, and the bud will be kind to you. If you're not causing a problem, no one will mind if you bring your friend Mary Jane to a concert or park.

Editors Note: 

As you can see, local dealers have taken over our comment section in order to advertise their wares. We take no responsibility over this and are in no way affiliated, but we aren't total squares either so we're letting all you humans comment and live your lives, make decisions as you please.

HOWEVER, as you can also see many of them are whiny and repetetive, throwing school yard accusations at each other of being 'SCAMMERS' and "Wencelas Square dudes' etc. We don't know who is and who isn't, maybe they are all legitimate, maybe they are all frauds - no idea. All we know is that it's annoying, petty and makes it impossible for anyone to sort the wheat from the chaff. Be aware that a lot of the comments posted by 'customers' saying things like "thanks man, I met and he gave me the best weed ever, so glad i didn't pay WU with those scammers' or even more legitimate sounding reviews... surprise, surprise, it's the dealers posting those too. I'm sure there are some real reviews in there but who the hell knows which ones they are.

So, just be careful when contacting anybody from here or the internet in general. Never send payments over Western Union or any other way to anyone in advance (c'mon, that's obvious), only pay for any products when they are in your hands and pay attention to the energy of people, use your intuition to get the feeling of folks so you don't give someone a hundred bucks for a bag of rat fur sprayed with chemicals. 

In the eternal words of Steppenwolf - Goddamn the pusher man.

Note to the pushers - BE COOL.

Don't spam. None of your posts are ever approved on any pages other than this.
One post saying the same thing is enough. Stop fighting like cats in a bag, it makes you all look bad.
Stop posting fake reviews of yourself from fake customers saying yours is great or someone else scammed you. 
You're not fooling anyone and it just means i might delete real comments from real customers in the mix up. It hurts you in the end.
You have a responsibility to spread good energy with your products as well as your attitude to each other.
Take some advice and a toke from the weed you sell and make love not war. 



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Valentine from Argentina Reply Nov 16th, 2017

I have been Studying in Prague, smoke for a longtime here and i can say Budsterdam ( has been my regular link

Carice from Germany Reply Nov 16th, 2017

no worries about scoring in Prague! I was just there a week ago and picked up a beauty at the GrassCity Caregivers (

Liam from Czech Republic Reply Nov 16th, 2017

Oh also, if you want to find good weed, you've got to come to the Cannafest. You will meet countless quality growers with some of Czech's most beautiful plants. Prices are above average but don't be cheap and pay. As a grower once explained, a plant can spend it's energy growing taller and taller (which will give you a nice yield) or it starts saving its energy for resin/thc production (quality buds). So if you see some quality weed that is just slightly more expensive than average, don't complain. The grower has already made a huge financial sacrifice by growing 100g of quality weed vs 500g of commercial stuff, the least you can do is recognize it and give him a bit more for it. You know that even though it's slightly more expensive, he'll never make as much as the commercial grower. But the only person who can help you out if you need some quality smoke is GoGreen Prague ( He is fast and professional

Theon from Czech Republic Reply Nov 16th, 2017

Hey Budsterdam. Can you tell me the legal smoking age in prague? I was told you are very informative and you can also help me out with your quality buds. I have already emailed you (

Alfie Allain from France Reply Nov 16th, 2017

Hey Budsterdam. Can you tell me the legal smoking age in prague? I was told you are very informative and you can also help me out with your quality buds. I have already emailed you (

Sammy from United States Reply Nov 16th, 2017

I conquer, GrassCity Caregivers ( is cool. I'm a happy man.

Natalie from United Kingdom Reply Nov 16th, 2017

Hello GoGreen, I live in Austria and I'm going to Prague in one week. I also smoke in Austria so i don't want to miss it in Prague and I would really appreciate I was told you can help me out.

Sam from Czech Republic Reply Nov 16th, 2017

So finally everyone is clear, like i have been saying for months, and like it says above in the article, never pay first, especially via western union, legit sellers (like myself) will only ever need payment in cash. Cheers, Sam (my email as always is, happy smoking and enjoy Prague :)

Sam from Czech Republic Reply Nov 16th, 2017

So as im bored to keep telling people, simply dont send payment first with western union, theres no reason to send payment to Cameroon if your buying in Prague, i work with cash, i can deliver or you can come to me. I am an English seller based in Prague, My email is Cheers, Sam

Jack from Germany Reply Nov 16th, 2017

Till now I only got fcked up on the streets, maybe anyone have a plan?

Smokers club from Czech Republic Reply Nov 15th, 2017

All I do know is trust you seller and the most important thing is you grabbing your smoke. A real seller doesn't boost of himself like what Sam is doing. Its more likely that Sam is from the Wenceslas square trying to rob people who come his way. I heard of his horrific acts.

Sam from Czech Republic Nov 16th, 2017

A real seller as you put it looks out for the customers getting scammed because its bad for the whole business, so... stop asking for payment first and we will have no problem. And im not even Czech, so my chances of hanging around the square at night selling dime bags of oregano are none existent. Sam

Observant from Czech Republic Reply Nov 15th, 2017

Already said and I will still say it again... This goes to Sam who goes around criticizing other sellers on this page. I have gone through this page many times and what I can see like everyone else is critics from this dude Sam. A real seller doesn't go around criticizing others so people should buy from him. Sam you a full of shit and this illustrates your level of thinking. Everyone here knows you are from the Wenceslas Square inviting dudes so they can be robbed or caught. If you know you are real, stay calm and wait for your buyers and don't go around dropping criticizing others. You make yourself look so sorry and pathetic

Sam from Czech Republic Nov 16th, 2017

You guys will do and say anything to get that payment first huh... im happy im making it harder for you, every customer who doesnt send payment first is a win in my books. Sam

Joan Cusack from United States Reply Nov 15th, 2017

GrassCity Caregivers, I'm just keeping in touch about our deal this weekend. We shall be coming by Saturday and we are 8 in number. Man we got a surprise for you due to help you did for us during our last visit. You are really friendly

Ethan from Denmark Reply Nov 15th, 2017

Hey Budsterdam, I really appreciate the fast delivery but you should try working on the rolling papers. The runner delivered but he didn't come with papers but NVM I really appreciate what you sell. The quality is on point.

Isidora from Bolivia Reply Nov 15th, 2017

Prague is a marijuana friendly city all thanks to the one and only GoGreen Prague. You are a gem man. What else can I say, hands down to you. Fuck the critics

Monaghan from Argentina Reply Nov 15th, 2017

Hi GrassCity Caregivers ( I have been longing to meet you ever since my friends told me you are the way to go. Man I want any sativa which you recommend. An ounce will do. I will buy for 300czk per gram.

Jeremy from United Kingdom Reply Nov 15th, 2017

Hey Budsterdam ( i'm looking to do some shopping, wanted to know if you're available today? I was recommended to you by a bunch of dudes at the hostel.

Emmy Rossum from Switzerland Reply Nov 15th, 2017

Hey GoGreen Prague, Can you get me some weed? I’m in the parkhotel right now. I was told you could deliver in the next 30mins.

Richard from Australia Reply Nov 15th, 2017

We were backpacking Europe for the last month, our last stop was in prague last week, we were given sams details from another person we met while there, service was perfect. We were very happy to find good weed after striking out in Hungary haha. Anyway if we are ever back we will be using sam again. Thanks a bunch and hope the feedback helps others to find.

Eric from Germany Reply Nov 15th, 2017

Hey everyone, was asked by sam to post a review, im working in Prague and i found sam from here a few months ago, i take 10g per week, quality is good, price is good, service is perfect. 5 stars. Just like he is saying, cash on delivery, and as i have met him many times i can confirm he is not someone from the square in town, i think hes from the UK. Eric.

Claire from United States Reply Nov 15th, 2017

Im studying here from the US, i use sam almost once per week, very easy service, sometimes i collect and other times he delivers. He doesnt ask for payment first and the weed is very good and also the quantity you get, cant say anything else really, check him out. Thanks sam.

Jeff from United States Reply Nov 14th, 2017

Tried praguesupplier - asked to Western Union funds first - SCAM Then tried Sam ( - told me he'd come around 7pm then never heard from him again Is it that difficult to get weed in such an apparently weed friend city??? Seems like someone with half a brain could take over this market. Lots of demand, no real suppliers

Sam from Czech Republic Nov 15th, 2017

My email is, so im guessing you didnt email the right person, the bud guy is a scammer who asks for payment first. Cheers, Sam

Visitor from Germany Nov 15th, 2017

Jeff that's not true. By the way, Budsterdam is not Sam and he doesn't uses thesame email address as Sam. So you got it all wrong. Budsterdam is legit, that I can guarantee

Guest Reply Nov 14th, 2017

Thanks so much, If you are looking for something good we have many available, just get to us through our email for help. We have Flowers, Marijuana oil, Wax, Xanax,Coke and many more just hit us at Purple Kush, Purple Haze, Blue Dream, White widow, Skunk, Afghan Kush, Blueberry, OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Green Crack,Jack Herer, Hindu Kush, Real OG, Hawaii-Skunk, Super Silver Haze, Super Skunk, AK-47, Grand Daddy, Northern Lights, Lemon Drop, Pineapple Express,Girl scouts,

Sam from Czech Republic Reply Nov 14th, 2017

No matter who you email, never pay before hand, especially with western union. I take cash on delivery and i am not one of the guys from the main square, im not even Czech, im English lol. Its very easy to spot the bullshitters, payment first, all of the drugs you can imagine and western union or kik etc... use common sense guys. My email is, Cheers, Sam

Michel from France Reply Nov 14th, 2017

I have tried buying from different dudes on a website but when I came across this page, I realised GoGreen Prague was the one everyone trusted so I gave him a try. He sell at 300czk but I think he merits that because he got killer buds and hash too. I recommend him . You can give a try by emailing He accepts euro too.

Angelia Roth from United States Reply Nov 14th, 2017

Hey GoGreen Prague ( ), I came across a dude at the Roxy Club who gave me your email address. I have mailed you already with my order. Thanks

Karly from Canada Reply Nov 14th, 2017

I came across Prague GreenEdge ( at the Cross Club. He got me sorted in the next 30mins after I placed my order. I highly recommend.

Marcelo from Cuba Reply Nov 14th, 2017

I have been using budsterdam for a while and I must say this guys can help anyone willing to score some buds. Deals are done face yo face and moreover they got quality dank. You can get to them via

Jess from France Reply Nov 14th, 2017

Hey GoGreen i am in Prague and was looking to get hooked up to some pot. Can you help I need 3 or 4 grams.

Frequent visitors from United Kingdom Reply Nov 14th, 2017

Hands down, the easiest way to get your bud. Discreet and quick service. Good job GoGreen Prague. You will continue to get my business. I must recommend anyone to deal with this dudes via

Sean Hayes from United States Reply Nov 14th, 2017

Are you about in Prague tomorrow mate was hoping we could meet ? Just coming over for a few days in the city and read positive reviews about the service you render. I'm going to keep save your address ( Cheers mate

Sam Reply Nov 14th, 2017

So, just tried to order from the new emails below, all of course are asking for pre-payment with Western Union, like i always say, no need to pay first and if you do, you will loose your money and have no order delivered. I dont ask for payment first, im an English seller based here. Cheers, Sam ( Comments who say dont pay cash on delivery are trying to get you to send money with western union, its kinda obvious tbh.

Vatoski from Czech Republic Nov 15th, 2017

Yeah you can keep fooling around and but remember everyone knows you are from the Wenceslas square and you ain't real. I have already told my friends on a website of which I have a large following community not to deal with this mobster Sam from the Wenceslas square.

Foster from Czech Republic Reply Nov 14th, 2017, hookup for green , discreet , good packaging, safe drop-off, hotel access, prompt and less worries. Feel the quality and enjoy your stay in Prague, CZ.

Visitors Nov 14th, 2017

Wenceslas dudes. Don't trust

Edengh from Czech Republic Reply Nov 14th, 2017

Hey bro, we got the best from..[[[]]] I'd you are new in Prague, look no where else for good green, just hookup with [[ $$]

Fendichips from United States Reply Nov 14th, 2017

Gang shit only

Jakub Podwojski from Russia Reply Nov 13th, 2017

I just got ripped off by this dude whom I was told he accepts cash on delivery. All this dudes who accept cash on delivery are from the Wenceslas Square and are time wasters.

Moritz from United States Reply Nov 13th, 2017

My first time dealing with Prague Connect ( . Great buds and fast delivery. What more can I say man. You did gain my trust. I will be coming back for more once I finish what I bought from you.

Jeff from United States Nov 14th, 2017

praguesupplier asks for Western Union first - they're SCAM artists

Jeff from United States Nov 15th, 2017

Didn't they ask for Western Union payment upfront? Seems sketchy as hell

Lee from Bulgaria Reply Nov 13th, 2017

Thanks to CannaSOS. I thought you guys were out of business. You guys came back in style. I appreciate the hash I got from you guys.

Winnie from Australia Reply Nov 13th, 2017

Hey GrassCity Caregivers. I will be coming to Prague this weekend. I was told not to go the Wenceslas Square and to avoid those sell cash on delivery because they are dudes from the Wenceslas Square trying to rob us. I will email you when I arrive in Prague.

Roosevelt from Netherlands Reply Nov 13th, 2017

I'm just coming back from Prague where I spend the best weekend ever. My vacation was made special thanks to GoGreen. I told you Gogreen I'm going to leave a positive comment. Keep up man

Jeff from United States Nov 14th, 2017

Are these guys actually for real or are they SCAM artists like the rest?

Lindberg from Germany Reply Nov 13th, 2017

I want to say thank you to all those trust us and we strive to give you the best and nothing more. We shall keep providing . Email us with your orders at We also do accept euros. Remember all our deals are done face to face.

Schulze from Croatia Reply Nov 13th, 2017

GrassCity Caregivers is truly excellent. They really helped us during the Cannafest and throughout the week. I highly recommend . Thank you GrassCity

Aldobacon from United Kingdom Reply Nov 13th, 2017

Hey am travellingti Prague this Friday need a hook up for finest bud and hash if possible can some one point me in right direction?

Sam from Czech Republic Nov 13th, 2017

Avoid anyone asking for payment first. Sam

Jeff from United States Nov 15th, 2017

Or buying from Sam. He's a flake that never shows up

Elite from Czech Republic Reply Nov 12th, 2017

Sam or whatever you call your miserable self. I have gone through this page and I see you go around writing shitty stuff on people's genuine comments. Listen you should put an end to this because no one has written any bad against you. So this is just a last warning. If this continues then same shitty comments will be written against you and using your own name.

Sam from Czech Republic Nov 13th, 2017

The difference being im actually a seller and the others are scamming assholes, its simple, dont ask for payment first. Sam

Elite from Czech Republic Nov 14th, 2017

They are not scammers. You Sam come from the Wenceslas square and everybody knows you steal from people. You are trying to put yourself in a good spot but you still remain a thief.

Visitor from United States Nov 14th, 2017

Well spoken Mr Elite. Everyone knows he is from the Wenceslas square that's why he invites people for a meetup just to rob visitors here in Prague

Nate from United Kingdom Reply Nov 12th, 2017

If you are looking for a longterm business relationship here in Prague, honestly avoid going to the Wenceslas Square or meeting up people who claim to do a face to face business. They are nothing but time wasters I swear. I will rather throw my money into the sea and watch it float away than to deal with time wasters. I highly recommend GrassCity Caregivers ( I found this guys at the Cross Club.

Koechner from Netherlands Reply Nov 12th, 2017

GoGreen Prague is my lifesaver. This guy knows his job and gives you vital information just to make you feel at home. Man you are a genius.

Mogermann from Germany Reply Nov 12th, 2017

Hey Budsterdam. I have heard so much good things about you guys. Can you get us hooked up with your top sativa strains. We are avoiding going to buy from the streets because we were told a lot of sellers now act as cops just to get you arrested when you meet face to face.

CannaSOS from Czech Republic Reply Nov 12th, 2017

24/7 availability of kush, pills and others. All you have to do is email us your order and before you know it your package is already there in your hands. We sell a gram at 300czk and our minimum order of purchase is 5g. Email:

Sam from Czech Republic Nov 13th, 2017

He also of course asks for western union, payment first lol

Prague Connect Reply Nov 12th, 2017

We are still into business and we deliver to any address of your choice. Our services are 24/7 and we sell nothing but the best. We also do have party pills and molly including coke. Email:

Sam from Czech Republic Nov 13th, 2017

He of course asks for western union, payment first lol

Hayes from France Reply Nov 12th, 2017

Had the best time ever spent during the Cannafest a thanks to the one and only unbeatable GoGreen Prague ( Despite of all the shitty comments I read about you guys from unreliable competitors I still trusted GoGreen Prague and he proved to me he was legit. I give you a 5 star and bruh do your thing and don't mind what they say.

Brunette from Canada Reply Nov 12th, 2017

GrassCity Caregivers ( is by far the BEST dealer I have ever come across among the others here. Their products and delivery is on point. Man you will here again from me when next I visit Prague. You a really a "caregiver"

Reyes from Australia Reply Nov 12th, 2017

@budsterdam ( Easy breezy. Delivery guy is friendly, informative and there is always a wide variety of products to choose from. You gained my trust and I'm gonna spread the good news to my buddies

Sam from Czech Republic Reply Nov 12th, 2017

Everyone here is a simple test, email whoever you want, but the moment they ask for payment first, especially with WU, think to yourself, "am i really going to send money to Cameroon because i want to buy weed from someone here in Prague?". Then email me haha, and pay cash on delivery to an English seller here in Prague, with over 13 years in the growing and supplying business. Cheers, Sam (Email -

Sam from Czech Republic Reply Nov 12th, 2017

Hey everyone, happy cannafest haha. Im still available in Prague, i will never ask for payment first with western union etc... and i am also not one of the wenceslas square idiots lol. My email is Cheers Sam

JEazy Reply Nov 10th, 2017

If you're in need hit up Sam. He's came through for me on several occasions and it's some killer bud. No sketchy prepayment. Props to you Sam. Thanks for the hook ups

Sam from Czech Republic Nov 12th, 2017

Thanks for the review, glad i could help :) Cheers, Sam

Jeff from United States Nov 15th, 2017

You mean the same Sam who says he's going to come then never does? Don't bother with this time-waster.

GrassCity Caregivers Reply Nov 9th, 2017

Our menu changes weekly so keep an eye on our upcoming special menu this weekend. Our prices are very affordable and you don't have to go at the Wenceslas Square or impostors who claim to do cod Email:

Buntu from Bahrain Reply Nov 9th, 2017

I have been using GrassCity for 6 months now. I tried one other dude who claims to be doing cash on delivery but he was really a waste of time. I told GrassCity about this dude and what I got was an " lol" ... And he said avoid the Wenceslas square dudes.

Mogermann from Germany Reply Nov 9th, 2017

Hey I will be coming to Prague tomorrow for the weekend and I was told you could help us out with some your finest. Man we need an ounce of what you recommend and we have been told you do a great job to visitors.

Sacezek from Czech Republic Reply Nov 9th, 2017

GoGreen Prague is awesome. At first I was skeptical but now I know he is my dealer. He deserves a 5 star. Despite lots of critics from some dudes here, I was recommended by some friends at the Cross Club that GoGreen Prague ( is the guy everyone contacts before coning to the club.

Humberto from Spain Reply Nov 9th, 2017

I have had nothing but great experience with GrassCity Caregivers( and their staffs. They have killer products and delivery guy was so fast. I placed my order and I was served in 20minutes at my hotel.

Sam from Czech Republic Reply Nov 9th, 2017

So as the two main scamming assholes here are still trying it on lets point out some things, NEVER EVER pay first especially via western union, anyone who asks is just a scam and you will loose your money, myself i take cash on delivery and i am not from Wenceleas square, the guys in the square sell oregano and sometimes very low quality weed. I sell great sativa for cash on delivery, you can come to me or i can come to you. My email is, Cheers, Sam (also the posts here are not monitored, meaning the scammers can post as themselves and give good reviews, just use common sense and avoid paying before hand).

Jeff from United States Nov 15th, 2017

Or ever deal with Sam. He is a complete time-waster. Total flake. Says he'll show then disappears.

Elite in Prague from Czech Republic Reply Nov 8th, 2017

There is no problem paying upfront before receiving your package. All you have to do is trust your seller. The most important thing is you receiving your package. Its hard to tell who is real here but I have some dudes recommending GoGreen Prague ( as the way to go.

Sam from Czech Republic Nov 9th, 2017

Of course he says this, how else will he be able to scam haha. use common sense people..!!

Elite in Prague Nov 12th, 2017

Stay away from peoples' comment. You imoostor

Concerned Citizen from Czech Republic Reply Nov 8th, 2017

I had the worst experience in my life because I came across a dude who says he accepts cash on delivery. This guy is a crook and he is from the Wenceslas square. Listen everyone be careful about those who go around say they do cash on delivery. Its a setup. Some are thieves and others work with the police. Avoid this

Brijesh from India Reply Nov 8th, 2017

I made my payment and my pack got to me. I was warned not to trust anyone who says he does cash on delivery since he is from the Wenceslas Square. They are very bad people here. I only trust dealing with GrassCity Caregivers (

Sam from Czech Republic Nov 9th, 2017

I tried to buy with another email, he asked for Western Union.... lol

Brijesh Nov 12th, 2017

Don't write shit on my post. Listen man grow up and mind your business. You must be retarded or something ???

Samuel from Luxembourg Reply Nov 8th, 2017

Hey Gogreen Prague ... Man you rock. I have never seen your type before . You are my type of guy and believe me I will spread this good news to my friends. Man keep up. Forget about the haters. Do you thing bro

Jack from United Kingdom Reply Nov 8th, 2017

I think budsterdam ( is OK. My first time buying from them and everything was just fine. Super buds and services is on point

Visitors from United States Reply Nov 8th, 2017

Anyone who accepts cash on delivery is from the Wenceslas Square. Its the most dangerous place you will never like to go there. Its full of arm robbers and thieves. They want you to come there so you can be robbed. Avoid all this.

Adam from Belarus Reply Nov 8th, 2017

This is just a warning to all those who are new here. Never ever trust anyone who says you should pay at the point of delivery or who accepts cash on delivery. Most of this guys are from the Wenceslas Square and are out just to get you into trouble . If you trust you buyer then pay for your package and it will get to you discreetly without any hassle. I have been a victim of the Wenceslas square dudes. They pretend to be genuine but are hustlers. They either sell shit in the name of weed or trick you out to have your money when you meet with them. So avoid this by all cost.

Sam from Czech Republic Nov 9th, 2017

Tell this to the 100+ people a week i sell to... lol instead they should pay via western union right haha. Common sense guys, cash on delivery or payment first to Cameroon via WU haha. Sam

Jeff from United States Nov 15th, 2017

Sam must be so busy he doesn't have time to answer texts or phone calls, he just wastes people's time by telling them he'll drop by then never does. Total time-wasting flake.

MarcW from United Kingdom Reply Nov 8th, 2017

Sam I've sent you an email dude as I'm trying to avoid all this Western Union Shit. Hit me up if you can help me out

Sam Nov 9th, 2017

I think we spoke, if not, send me a mail again :) Cheers

Jeff from United States Nov 15th, 2017

Don't waste your time with Sam. He's a flake. Says he'll show then never does. Won't reply to messages. Time-waster

Sam from Czech Republic Reply Nov 7th, 2017

Of course anyone saying to send payment first is a scammer, and anyone saying they sent payment and received there order is also the same scammer haha. Never send payment first, especially with western union to Cameroon lol. Simply email me for cash on delivery, as im actually selling, and actually living in Prague,, Sam

Jeff from United States Nov 15th, 2017

Sam, you're a time-wasting flake.

GrassCity Caregivers from Czech Republic Reply Nov 7th, 2017

We sell locally but we can also deliver discreetly at neighbouring cities. We sell only top shelf. No Bs. Our services are 24/7. Prices are down to earth. Don't buy again at the Wenceslas Square or dudes who sell shit here. Email;

Sam from Czech Republic Nov 9th, 2017

Already tried to buy from this guy on another email, he of course asked for WU, he also had the same format as the scammer gogreen. So same guy i guess. Like i said, this part of the site is not monitored so comments are a little hard to trust atm. But it just common sense, dont send cash to someone in Cameroon via WU. Sam

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