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Yes... looking for some serious fun? You've come to the right place! Moscow is a must for the dedicated party-goer, with a whole range of places to enjoy, from laid-back lounges to trippin' techno dancehalls, and major vodka-drinking, waterpipe-smoking and girl-gazing shenanigans in between. Forget your preconceptions about miserable old Communist block tristesse, and get ready to let your hair down big time. Moscow is big, bad and it's back!

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Top rated pubs in Moscow

Soho Rooms

Pretty people party in Moscow

Night Club

Night Flight

Hey big spender!

Nightclub     Central


Do as your mum tells you!

Strip Club     Outer West


What's in a name?

Nightclub     Central South

The Chinese Pilot

Blood, sweat and tears

Bar     Central


Friendly house and r'n'b club

Nightclub     Central South

Bely Medved

The bear essentials

Strip Club     Outer North


Bikers and bitches in Pharaoh wonderland

Bar     Central


Believe the hype

Nightclub     Central


Something for everybody

Nightclub     Outer West

Sky Lounge

High time for a drink

Bar     Outer South

Premier Lounge

Moscow's beautiful people party!

Night Club

Le Club

Talkin' all that jazz

Jazz     City Centre East

Proekt OGI

Bohemian bookshop-cum-cafe

Cafe     City Centre

Bosco Bar

Acid trips and ice-cream

Bar     Kremlin


Live music with blues as its strength

Live Music     City Centre West

John Donne

A poem of a pub !


Space Moscow

Blast into the stratosphere

Music Club

Aloha Bar

Hawaiian cocktail fun in Moscow

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