Night Flight

Night Flight
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Night Flight
ul. Tverskaya 17

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Editor's review

Opened way back in 1991, Nightflight is still the premier joint in town for expats, tourists and businessmen to meet beautiful Russian golddiggers. You can have plenty of fun grooving to the cheesy 80s soundtrack and checking out the leggy blondes, but be warned: trendy haircuts, rapier-sharp wit and Justin Timberlake moves on the dancefloor will only get you so far with these girls. If you can't back it up with cold hard cash you will be losing your lady to a balding fat guy in a suit - doing the running man. As Stevie V once said 'Money talks, baby, money talks'...

Editor & Moscow Local

A message from Night Flight

“Quite simply the best place to be!” It is no surprise that exactly these seven words are used as Night Flight’s slogan. Maybe not exactly modest, but the club has been around long enough – 25 years to be precise – not to bother with semantics or quibble about wording and just call everything by its proper name. Night Flight is the oldest club and restaurant for Moscow’s expat community, tourists from all over and the more sophisticated Muscovites who come here for fine food, beautiful company, second to none drinks and to party the night away well into the early morning hours. On Moscow’s main Tverskaya Street and within walking distance from the beautiful Red Square, the location could not be more perfect and central!

Night Flight

Night Flight


not shown

Please… Please please please I’m begging y’all!!! Read this.

There’s a war going on between Russia and Ukraine and it’s all putins fault. The soldiers are going to a war which they even don’t want to be in. Putin is forcing them to fight and make those cruel things to Ukraine. The people are dying for nothing and it’s just all so brutal… please we should spread this awareness everywhere and help each other out!! We cannot stay still and watch these cruel things happen to Ukraine and to the people from Ukraine. We must help, in every possible way.

Let’s gather together and do the possible!! We believe in peace!!!

Reply Mar 1st, 2022

the classic night flight plank steak is fantastic already for 25 years the is a pitty that the dance part of the club downsized..but the restaurant is good as always

Reply Jul 16th, 2019
Shahid hussain

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Reply May 21st, 2019

Guys, if the lady comes to you and start conversation and she isn’t on your test, leave her. Because another one (younger and more beautiful) can’t come to you while you are not alone. They have their „rules“ there. Don’t be afraid of being unpolite if you don’t like this lady and like another one.

Reply Mar 8th, 2018

The best place to find ladies. There are so many fresh and beautiful ladies now. But you should choose by yourself.

Reply Mar 8th, 2018

Like it !

Reply Feb 25th, 2018
United States

pedo place...

Reply Oct 4th, 2017

5 estarz

Reply Sep 17th, 2017

I have know this place during 15 years. I visited it again last Jun 2016 and it was not full of people unlike the before. and most of girls are professional unlike many students in the previous. so It doesnt have any advantage for quantities and qualities. Just try for your eyeshopping and buy the expensive girls

Reply Aug 16th, 2016

Great seXXXual atmosphere. Drop dead gorgeous girls. After drinks and several lap dances I lived dangerously and took Irina to my hotel ... absolutely some of the best kinkiest seXXX I have ever eXXXperienced.

Reply Feb 15th, 2016
Anil kumar

I llke it

Reply Dec 30th, 2015

2 Days ago i was there. It's a little expensive club indeed you can see many beautiful girls hangin around and sitting near you to chat. All girls ask for sex after 5-10 minutes of talk and request 15.000RUB going with you to the hotel you stay. Entrance fee is 1500Rub. So if you have money its worth to hang 1 night in order to see the atmosphere.

Reply Aug 4th, 2012
United Kingdom

15000 RUB for one night ? or for one hour only ?

Reply Nov 22nd, 2017

15000 RUB - are you fuckin kidding? they are robbers!

Reply Feb 2nd, 2019

Me and my husband went to Night Flight late September 2011. The place is know for catering to gents, but both of us had fantastic time. Can't comment about food but the cocktails were very tasty, Night Flight featured an exotic cocktail that night, it was quite nice. The music was Ok (very 80th) but i actually like it, anyway -the girls that hang out at Night Flight are ALL absolutely gorgeous, model material. One named Olga looked like Rebecca Romajin in her best times, i am not kidding. And I am a woman, even I was impressed. Staff was very welcoming, pleasant and helpful. Definitely will return next time when in Moscow.

Reply Nov 5th, 2011
United Kingdom

the food was ok, but the girls made up for that had a great time really recomend a visit.

Reply May 27th, 2011

all the girls are asking for 500$ or 400euros for all night, most of them are fine looking but some of them real rubbish. Beer is 300rubles, jack&coke is 500rubles and 1100rubles cover charge.

Reply May 23rd, 2011
Bill Dunn
United States

The Night Flight is a trap!

Don't look a female in the eye unless you want to have her hang on your arm. There are mirrors all around so it's hard to avoid their eyes.

Reply Apr 4th, 2011
United Kingdom

Must see if you are a man and in Moscow. Up-market beauty contest. Take your time, have a drink, don't rush. Around 1am you can pick nicest chick and she will be happy to go with you to your place.

Reply Mar 24th, 2011
Mr. T

I just visited the Nightflight based on the high rated recommendations in several web sites.

But honestly speaking, this club is freaking bullshit. Actually I thought, that beside the "professional girls" as well usual girls and mens can be found there, but there had been just profs.

So, you wanna spend a night with paying 10 euro for a bear and you like to be asked every minute if you wanna have sex, then this is your place.

Of course the girls are basically a dream, but why not going directly in a strip club? Supposed to be cheaper and you can see the case you are not aiming just to have fun for 400 Euro.

Reply Jan 27th, 2011

Things have changed a lot throughout the last 20 years that i visited Moscow, but the Nightflight is always really something.

Don't go there if you have no money to spend ==>> waste of time.

entrance was 1100rub.

Reply Mar 8th, 2010
United States

I used to hang out at Night Flight in 1993-1995. In those days, the girls were all students saving money for a better life (one Ukranian law student was using the money to buy up buildings and parcels of land!) Insanely beautiful, charming, often brilliant, mostly amateurs, your personality (& good looks!) mattered to them as much as $$.

Reply Jun 26th, 2009

Good pick-up club. entrance 900 Rb, drinks rather expensive except for beer. girls are GORGEOUS. All in all a tourist attraction of Moskow!!!

Reply Oct 8th, 2008

"Night Flight is the real Russia! Like everything in this world nothing last forever still it is a must go if you are in Moscow and want to taste the local speciality. Some girls are really little princesses and real professionals. Prices have gone up - entrance 900 RUB with 380 RUB for a drink. Get some good night's sleep the day before and fasten your seat belt."

Reply Jun 8th, 2008

Some girls are really funny, you can have nice talks without having the "spend the night together question" after 2 minutes. all in all a nice evening - we remained the good guys at the end :-)

Reply Dec 11th, 2007
United Kingdom

Very amusing night had at Nightflight! Lots of gorgeous - but professional - girls. Good ego boost, but we decided to be good boys in the end!

Reply Jul 2nd, 2007

Night Flight still the only "true" pickup bar!

You will have to pay 750 ruble entrance (unless you eat at restaurant first).

+ refined, classy atmosphere

+ very central location on Tverskaya near Pushkin square

+ nice restaurant in same facility

Reply May 7th, 2007
Neil Strachan
United Kingdom

Pick-up joint of note! Don't come here if you're not carrying large amounts of cash to spend on those GORGEOUS Russian girls! Having a nice personality is just not good enough!

Reply Dec 18th, 2005
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