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During the Soviet times, people used to travel for miles for a taste of the legendary Lvivski beer, a venerable brew whose traditions stretch all the way back to 1715. It makes for a tasty pint that's not be missed. Ukraine's vodkas also get our vote - not least the Nemiroff brand, whose speciality is a marvellous chilli number with a dash of honey. Sounds weird? Give it a try! The locals are also great coffee nuts, and a smattering of stylish cafes have popped up of late, most with summer gardens where you can sit and savour the delights of Lviv's streets.

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Top rated pubs in Lviv


Cakes galore on Shevchenka

Cafe     City Centre

Dzyga Bar

Artists hangout on Virmenska

Cafe/Bar     Old Town

The Italian Courtyard

Royal choice on the Rynok

Cafe/Bar     Old Town

The Viennese Cafe

Elegant cafe in central Lviv

Cafe     City Centre


Sink some shots Titanic style

Bar     Old Town

Svit Kavy

Coffee, coffee and more coffee

Cafe     Old Town


Lively spot beneath the Lialka theatre

Cafe/club     Old Town
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