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Here's a basic map of Lviv to get you started. We're working on a dynamic, zoomable map, which we will have up and running shortly. Don't forget to check back soon for it!


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david penn from United Kingdom Reply Feb 9th, 2012

Very useful. It would help me if the location of churches, synagogues, mosques were shown.

Keith from United States Reply Feb 15th, 2011

Super map of the city. Looks like Google added a few more streets recently, so it is much better than a couple of years ago. You just need to add some more markers!

Orysia from Canada Reply Nov 7th, 2010

You have not corrected the G/H issue -- BoGdana, Khvyl'ovoGo, Getmana Mazepy?!?! Please correct. Also, there is a new street name - Kvitky Cisyk, betw. Khvyl'ovoho and Linkol`na -- where exactly. Diakuyu

Orysia from Canada Reply Feb 17th, 2010

great page. But -- on the map, the transliteration should be from Ukrainian, not Russian. e.g., Horodots'ka, Hnatiuka, etc. Ukrainian has both the letters "h" and "g" -- and these should be used correctly!

Tim Albert from United Kingdom Reply Aug 4th, 2009


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