Eindhoven Culture A - Z

This is a full, alphabetical directory of all the culture in Eindhoven, listed on Local Life.

Artspace Flipside    Gallery

A stage for exposure, workshops or receptions 

0 reviews

BROET    Film

Film platform for independent filmmakers 

0 reviews

Can Gallery    Gallery

Graffiti art, street art, graffiti workshops and more 

0 reviews

Carte Blanche    Theatre

The place where extraordinary people create extraordinary art 

0 reviews

CKE    Art Centre

Where the arts come alive 

0 reviews

CLOSED - De Krabbedans    Museum

Contemporary art and design by new talent in Brabant 

0 reviews

Contempo    Art Gallery

Contemporary art in the heart of Eindhoven 

0 reviews

DAF Museum    Museum

Find out all about DAF and its history! 

0 reviews

De Ontdekfabriek ('Discovery Factory')    Kids

Adventures in an old factory 

0 reviews

De Schalm    Theatre

Intimate theatre in the city centre of Veldhoven 

0 reviews

Designhuis [closed]    Museum

Look into the world of design 

2 reviews

Dynamo    Cultural Centre

Music, sports, dance and other activities 

0 reviews

Effenaar    Music Venue

Dance, pop & rock in the block 

0 reviews

Eindhoven Museum    Museum

History revives in Eindhoven 

1 review

Galerie Nasty Alice    Art Gallery

Daring art in the city centre 

1 review

Galerie Pennings    Art Gallery

Fine art and contemporary photography combined in one gallery 

0 reviews

Hetpaarddatvliegt    Theatre

Nothing is impossible 

0 reviews

Ilse Wouters Academy    Theatre

Acting classes in English 

0 reviews

Inkijkmuseum    Museum

Small museum with look-in window, open 24/7 

1 review

Kazerne    Gallery

Stage for the creative industry 

0 reviews

Kelderman en van Noort    Expositions

The place for creative minds and artists 

0 reviews

Klokgebouw    Venue

Where anything and everything can happen! 

0 reviews

Library Eindhoven    Library

Place to go if you're in need for a good read 

17 reviews

Light Art Museum [closed]    Museum

Surprising combinations of art and light 

4 reviews

Milieu Educatie Centrum (MEC)    Kids

Learn about the great outdoors! 

0 reviews

MU    Art Centre

An exciting, avant-garde art space 

0 reviews

Muziek in de Cathrien    Music

The Town Church St. Cathrien as a concert hall 

0 reviews

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven    Music Venue

Concerts and other musical events 

1 review

Natlab    Film

Film & theatre in former Philips science lab 

0 reviews

Onomatopee    Art Centre

Projects on designing culture 

0 reviews

Oude Rechtbank    Cultural Centre

Celebrate life! 

1 review

Parktheater    Theatre

Cultural night out 

8 reviews

Philharmonie Zuidnederland    Music

From intimate and classical to grand symphonic shows. 

0 reviews

Philips Museum    Museum

Brand new look into the rich history of Philips 

2 reviews

Piet Hein Eek    Design

Shop, gallery, restaurant, design, art and events 

0 reviews

Plaza Futura    Cinema

Film, theatre and good food! 

1 review

PopEI    Music Venue

The pop centre for all your musical needs! 

16 reviews

PSV Museum    Museum

100 Years of PSV history 

0 reviews

Regionaal Historisch Centrum Eindhoven (RHCe)    Library

Discover the history of Eindhoven! 

0 reviews

Salon    Art Gallery

Explore tribal art in De Bergen 

0 reviews

Sectie C    Art Centre

A workplace for creative companies 

0 reviews

Stichting Eindhoven in Beeld    Expositions

Eindhoven themed exposition space and meeting place 

2 reviews

Studium Generale Eindhoven    Culture Centre

Promoting the social, intellectual and cultural interests of students 

0 reviews

TAC    Art Centre

Breeding ground for cultural innovation 

0 reviews

Ton Smits Huis    Museum

Discover the works of a world-famous cartoonist 

0 reviews

Van Abbemuseum    Museum

Top centre for contemporary art 

1 review

Yksi Expo & Winkel    Design

Huge Dutch Design show space & products for sale 

0 reviews

Zwarte Doos    Film

Accessible to everyone! 

0 reviews
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