Go wacko in Zako...

Looking for somewhere a little bit different to celebrate your mate's last night of freedom? How about the amazing mountain resort of Zakopane? Poland's very own Val D'Isere not only boasts some of the most amazing scenery in the country but also provides plenty of opportunities for high octane adventure - as well as being able to hold its own on the nightlife stakes! And whereas your Batman and Robin costumes will only raise a tired smile in Krakow, where British Stag groups have already outstayed their welcome, the good citizens of Zakopane are sure to hail you as the great comic geniuses that you are!

But seriously, what can Zakopane offer the stag group hell bent on having a good time? Well how about a weekend on the superb Tatra slopes, skiing and snowboarding for a fraction of the price of Chamonix? Or maybe you'd prefer to extreme trek your way across the mountain peaks and over the Slovakian border, James Bond style? Or better still, how about belting through the snow on horse-drawn sleighs? Let's just hope the Stag doesn't get ambushed by Goral bandits... You name it, we can organise it for you!

Whatever you choose to do during the day you'll find plenty to occupy you by night too. The mountain people of Poland love to eat and drink and we can organise Highland feasts the likes of which you've rarely seen - all washed down with Polska's finest vodkas and beers of course! What's more the club scene in Zakopane is exceptionally well-developed with a number of great venues to finish the night in and to impress those wholesome Highland lasses with your British accents and matching T-Shirts… Come on lads, it's time to go Wacko in Zako!

Considering some other alternatives? Why not have your stag weekend in Krakow, or be original and try a stag night in Wroclaw. Alternatively head to the Baltic states - we'll be happy to organise your Riga stag weekend too!