Weed and others in poland

Just because you are Poland doesn't mean you can't score some quality weed and other stuffs. I will advise not to try buying in the streets because the Cannabis laws here are still kind of harsh. The safest and most discreet way to buy is from a local and personally I recommend Atkin (weedontime@gmailcom). He is a lifesaver and always have in stock quality bud, bricks and many others. He is absolutely the best plug you can deal with here in Poland without getting into trouble. He is very friendly and professional and moreover Atkin is highly recommended by other stoners due to his genuine services. Believe me or not he is the way to go. His telegram username is: kushkonnection

- Posted by Mac Millan from Poland on Jul 28th, 2020

I drive across town to come here. Greenie is amazing, the customer service is really top notch and very personalized. I feel like family when I buy, and he really knows his products and I really get a sense that they care about my well-being. I had a surgery this year and they went out of the way to be accomodating and sympathetic to the painful process before and after. I refer everyone I know here. Buy from Greenie ( local420delivery@yahoo.com )

- Posted by Aleksejs from Poland on Jul 31st, 2020

OMG I remember Greenie, he was also our hook up in Wroclaw. Calm dude and doesnt talk much. But yeah his weed is the best. He really made our stay in Poland worthwhile . He is the best if you are looking for a great time in Poland. You can reach Greenie at ** local420delivery@yahoo com **. I strongly recommend him. He can help you out with Weed -friendly ideas on how to smoke without been caught.

- Posted by Olson on Jul 31st, 2020

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