Carnival Dance Workshops

Thu 7th

What a chance to learn or just even watch various dance styles all at once. From tango to Argentina's traditional dances such as chacarera and gato. And all this to live music with professionals who are willing to let their spontaneity take over and have some fun. Of course Wroclaw's top pub

Mleczarnia has invited the best of the best to take care of the soul of the party, the music. We'll be dancing to violin, grand piano, double bass, accordion and clarinet played by a magnificent Polish quintet (Przemyslaw Treszczotka, Pawel Zawada, Marcin Sebastian Krzyzanowski, Andrzej Wojciechowski, Maciej Pakula). Is there any other better way to start the carnival than with professionals who will show us how to do it right and still enjoy ourselves? Event starts at 7pm, tickets are 15PLN.

Mleczarnia, 5 Włodkowica Street