Exhibition: Darma Wino

Tue 1st

Coming from Wroclaw's alternative scene, Antek Wajda brings us "Darmo-wino", his newest exhibition on Polish emigrants. The artist focuses on how the young Poles search for a space for their energy in the growing EU, aware of their young intelligence. The entire exhibition is based on Wajda's trip to Great Britain and his job in a bumpers factory near Oxford.

BWA's Awangarda Gallery is not only showing the artist's newest paintings but also his lost-and-found objects as well as his one-minute films as samples of the factory's scenery. The Awangarda Gallery shows Wajda's work until 13th January and is open everyday from Tuesday till Sunday at 11:00 until 18:00.

BWA WROCLAW - Galeria Awangarda, 32 Wita Stwosza Street