Dali, Warhol // Versatile Genius

Wed 21st
Dali, Warhol // Versatile Genius

This exhibition presents carefully selected, original works by both Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol, which have been sourced from private collections and from foundations gathering the achievements of these artists. Every piece on display has been signed and created during the lifetime of the artists, some of which will actually now be shown to the public for the first time!

The exhibition represents artists who, through style, vision and craftsmanship, went beyond the age in which they lived. We recognize these two outstanding personalities of the 20th century as individuals, intensively operating in many fields of art, starting with painting, sculpture and film, and ending with designing objects and logotypes.

Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol carefully crafted their own image and reality around them, they mastered the skill of self-promotion, achieving what they both craved the most - artistic fame and wealth. They provoked, inspired, evoked scandals and constantly blurred the boundaries between life and art. Eccentric and controversial, they aroused extreme emotions, from curiosity, through dislike, to admiration.

Apparently, these creators had a lot in common: origin, language, mentality, workshop, and even approach to art. Two such differently and strongly interacting personalities met in New York. The exhibition will ask a question about the similarities and differences in their work, confronting the visitor with his own ideas about money and fame.

The exhibition, in isolation from the chronology, will present their most important achievements in the field of visual arts, film and lifestyle, which was also a work of art. Among the presented works will be real rarities from the works of both artists.

Dali's achievements include, among others: four original sculptures including the famous "Gala Gradiva", painting "Temptation of Saint. Antoni ", a series of graphics with a beautiful project" Tarot ", fragments of films including " Bubble by Dali ". Dali's room will also be recreated with a famous lip-shaped sofa and a temple of fragrances according to Dali's idea, where visitors will be able to literally sprinkle themselves with the scent of the Salvador Dali perfume.

Among the works of Andy Warhol, the outstanding objects of the exhibition will be a unique collection from a private collector, showing the effect of Andy Warhol's cooperation with record labels - original album covers of such bands as Rolling Stones Velvet Underground, or Blondie. For the first time in Poland, we will present a special work in which he has reflected his fingerprint - "Speed Skater" from 1983. Warhol created this at the request of the International Olympic Committee on the occasion of the Olympic Winter Games in Sarajevo. The exhibition will also feature a replica of celebrated interiors from Silver Factory - the legendary New York Warhol's studio.

The show of works of both artists will be accompanied by famous installations and commercial projects, along with photos, documenting their lives and the creative process. The exhibition will be a special project because it will cover almost the entire surface of the newly created Museum of Theater.

Henryk Tomaszewski Museum of Theater, located in the center of Wrocław, is currently the only theatre museum in Poland. The choice of this place is not accidental because Dali and Warhol's life was like a theatre created by the imagination. They themselves designed their surroundings and even costumes, often using the set forms or theatrical techniques. The constant performance of the planned role and the numerous scandals that they created meant that they never ran out of an audience.

Curator: Aneta Fudali

Co-organizer: Wroclaw City Museum

The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10.00 - 17.00, from Saturday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00


Normal - PLN 40

Discounted - PLN 30

Group - PLN 18 per person

Tickets available at www.ekobilet.pl and at the ticket office of the Teatr im. Henryk Tomaszewski




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