Eteryczna Majoofka 30.04.2016 - ETER

Sat 30th
Eteryczna Majoofka 30.04.2016 - ETER

Spring weather is already start. Everything is green and party climate feel around. Long weekend this year will extend more than usual. Apart from Friday's and Monday’s party we have for you „double blow”. On Saturday and Sunday there will be huge event – Eteryczna Majoofka


Lucas Fuerzo and Sheevia

Green and fabulous lights will be presented by St. Gabriel!

The bartenders invented a special May drinks and super colorful shots in the price of 3 zł per unit! Yes, 4 shots will cost only 12 zł.

Additionally 0,5l Vodka + Pepsi 1l you will have a half price – 50zł.

Reservations for free – call Andy (796 622 911)

See you on Saturday.

Eter loves you!

Eteryczna Majoowka | 30.04-01.05.2016 | 21:00 | Eter Club

Kazimierza Wielkiego 19 street, Wroclaw