LOLLIPOP | August 14,2015 | 22:00

Fri 14th
LOLLIPOP | August 14,2015 | 22:00

Lollishots are attacking!

Do you remember last Lollipop?

Exactly… now it will be even harder, more intensively and more funny!

After a few weeks break, visit us our Exclusive Resident - Nina Suerte!

Along with Lucas Fuerzo, they will emit their DJ’s sets. St. Gabriel will generate extraordinary and fairy-tale aura.

They are waiting for you favorite Lollishots!

You can win them in competitions, but mainly you can buy during the event for only 15 zł - 4 pcs!

Remember - these are not ordinary drinks;)

And we have something that you recently liked very much:

- For every lady who comes to us prior to 23:00 we have a delicious Welcome drinks - colorful and very taste!

Happy Hour? Sure!

Till 23:00 vodka (0,5l) with Pepsi (1l) costs half a price – 50zl!

If you click „Join” on event on FB you will enter for the party for free (FB list work till 23:00)


- Ladies 10zl

- Men 20zl

So see you!

LOLLIPOP | August 14, 2015 | 22:00 | Eter Club

Kazimierza Wlk. 19 street, Wroclaw