Fri 17th

Don't Forget To Be Awesome :) -

the third event of the holiday series is back!

A year ago, you could feel the power of D.F.T.B.A. during the long weekend in August. The one who was here, know what I mean ...

This year, a little earlier, but with even greater energy, with an even more powerful sound and cosmic taste we fire up rocket under the name D.F.T.B.A. - It is the artwork of the event has remained at the entrance to Eter until today - How do you think, why?

You'll see in place!

Behind the console:

Lucas Fuerzo


St. Gabriel

For everyone who arrive prior to 23:00 – party set – Wodka + Pepsi for half the price, that is 50zl!

During all the party you can buy Ballantines for 7zl and for those who like hard and fast we have colorful shots – 10zl for 4 units!


- FB list – free till 23:00 (Just click „Join”)

- Ladies 10zl

- Men 15zl

- Students 5zl


On Friday, there will be very hot outsider but In Eter will be nice chill 

See you on friday

D.F.T.B.A. - Eter Friday Night


Start 22:00

Reservation: 796 622 911 or jedrzej.wabinski@eterclub.pl


Kazimierza Wlk. 19