HAPPY - 03.07.2105

Fri 3rd
HAPPY - 03.07.2105

"HAPPY" - 03.07.2015

Do you remember last year's holiday?

We remember much, because such Friday’s events like those, this city have never seen before :)

It all started on the first Friday in July, at the graceful name HAPPY that you liked, so that we decided then that this event will end holiday’s chapter. So it happened :)

"Think in Pink", "DFTBA", "International Day for Blondes" or funny "Hash & Splash” mentioned for several months, could not wait for the next holiday to once again launch a series of holiday party.

Finally came the awaited vacation so we start!

What awaits you on the first Happy?

First of all, emission of extremely positive sounds performed by our residents: behind the decks Lucas Fuerzo & Sheevia!

Secondly mysterious, slightly hazy, rippling and fascinating atmosphere created thanks to the imagination and skills by St. Gabriel. The play of lights, special effects and fireworks - it can not be forgotten!

Thirdly GEFOR Drum Show - a combination of spontaneous, fresh and energetic drums music with electronic beat of our DJs. Sound and light show - something you will not see anywhere but In Eter!

Fourthly pleasant drinks and more pleasant prices:

- Tequila – 7pln during all night

- Ballantines – 7pln during all night

- Colorfull shots (4 pcs) – 10pln during all night

- Happy Hour from 21:00 till 22:30 – 0,5l wodka with Pepsi only 50pln, that means half price

Last thing – Entry:

- if you click Join on Facebook event „Happy” you will have free entry till 23:00

- Ladies 10 pln

- Men 15 pln

- Students 5 pln

We are already Happy and we are waiting for third of July :)

See you!

ETER club - Kazimierza Wielkiego 19