THINK IN PINK 18 July - ETER club

Fri 18th
THINK IN PINK 18 July - ETER club


***** FIVE STARS’ PARTY *****

If you think that you are living in a world not quite perfect, trouble you with seemingly unsolvable problems, and a week consists of worries more than happy excitements that means ... everything is OK with you. Most of us do. However it is worth occasionally put rose-colored glasses and take a RESET.

Pink color will make you forget about problems. Your mind can rest, take on new strength and returning to reality, it turns out that you know how to eliminate most of intrusive worries!

July 18 will be with us MERRY! Such amount of pink color in one place you can not see anywhere only in ETER, on a Friday night!

Sexy Pink Panther will make sure that you do not run out of pink drinks and pink that night Dj Sheevia flood sounds you happiness. It sounds like another event HAPPY (remember how it was on Friday, July 4), and it will be.

***** THINK IN PINK - event of the series HAPPY already 18 July in Eter *****

During the event, the first in Poland, you will be able to try quite phenomenal:


- 69zl (0,5l) - price only during the event

• People dressed in pink (two visible parts of the garment) enter for FREE

• Each event participant takes part in the prize draw HAPPY HOLIDAY!

• Each participant of the event, comes out happy (happiness guaranteed period: 14 days)

• For visuals will be responsible Roger Flack, who is so excited about our club during the event HAPPY that he decided not to go back even to USA

• For fun vibes will shoot you DJ Sheevia, together with GEFOR - our special guest, who will play on real drums - you have to have a really strong desire to get off the dance floor when this duo plays

We already can not wait!

Listen for, because ...

… ETER gives contests!

Kazimierza Wielkiego 19 street, Wroclaw (Poland)