New Year's Eve in Wroclaw

Mon 31st

If you're looking for people to party with this New Year's Eve then you'll certainly find no shortage of them in Wroclaw. Wroclawians love a good shindig, and this being the ultimate excuse to get drunk you can bet they'll take it - the only question is can you keep up! The best place for atmosphere will undoubtedly be the Main Market Square where crowds congregate come light snow or heavy snow and cheer in the New Year. A word of warning however, you will almost certainly be subjected to some bad Polish rock courtesy of whichever band has been invited to preside over proceedings. With that in mind techno-heads might be better off snapping up a ticket for this year's party at Hala Ludowa and get ready for a hardcore hands-in-the-air party. If none of those two sound appealing (ie. freezing your bits off, or having your ears blasted by insane trance) then take a look at our bars and restaurants directories online. Every place worth it's salt will be hosting a soiree of one sort or another, at prices that range between very reasonable and obscenely absurd. Wherever you end up however, the good people of Wroclaw won't disappoint you with their good spirits and bravado... Na zdrowia!