This Month at the Wroclaw Philharmonic

Tue 1st

There are plenty of great concerts to check out at Wroclaw's Philharmonic, and here are just a few suggestions:

Feb 4-5: Lutoslawski, Strauss, and Maestro Skrowaczewski: Two special performances conducted by Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, featuring Lutowslawski's Muzyka żałobna ("Music of Mourning"), Skrowaczewski's Music for Winds, and Strauss' Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

Feb 6: Polish Baroque: The Philharmonic's choir will perform Zielinski's 1611 work "Offertoria et Communiones Totius Anni".

Feb 11: Valkyrie: The Philharmonic will be joined by a slew of talented soloists to perform the dynamic third act of Wagner's classic opera The Valkyrie.

Feb 13-14: Valentine's Day: See our individual write-up here.

Feb 18: Musica Sacra - Musica Profana: An unusual approach, Musica Sacra will essentially reconstruct a classical Catholic mass with liturgical music by Mozart and Beethoven including Beethoven's Symphony no. 1 in C Major, and Mozart's Magical Flute overture, Coronation Mass in C Major, Church Sonata in C Major, as well as Ave Verum Corpus.

Feb 26: MaMo - Maksymiuk and Mozart: Conductor Jerzy Maksymiuk will lead the Leopoldinum Wroclaw Chamber Orchestra in a performance of his own composition Notturno per d'archi op. 10 as well as two Mozart works: Sinfonia Concertante KVĀ 364 and his Jupiter Symphony no. 41.