Exhibition: Zbigniew Libera

Thu 1st

BWA's latest offering comes to us via Warsaw's Zacheta Modern Art Museum. Zbigniew Libera's "Works 1981-2009" gives us a chance to look back on the work of this unique Polish artist who has been celebrated and critisized on nearly equal levels. Libera's challenging and thought-provoking art runs from photographs, installations, to objects though his most controversial work is certainly LEGO Concentration Camp which the artist designed in 1996. Opens 18 February at 6pm. On 17 February at 7pm the artist will be present at a meeting in his honour in the Teatr Polski. On 19 February at 7pm the artist and curator Dorota Monkiewicz will lead a tour of the exhibition. All special events above are free.

BWA Awangarda, ul. Wita Stwosza 32