Exhibition: Spiti-Lahul-Ladakh: Tibetan Buddhism in India

Wed 1st

Wroclaw photographer and academic, Jaroslaw Kotas, will be showing photographs from his journeys through the Indian Himalayas this month at the Ethnographic Museum. The regions of Spiti, Lahul, and Ladakh are presented, with a particular focus on Buddhist monasteries and, of course, the breath-taking scenery of this very unique part of the world. The exhibition's highlight is a series of photographs depicting the legendary Buchen Lamas of the Pin Valley who are believed to have supernatural powers. Unfortunately the tradition is dying, but there are a few Lamas in this area still, providing their much sought-after skills. Kotas' photos depict the Lama rituals, as they dispel evil spirits from Himalayan villages.

Ethnographic Museum, Traugutta 111/113