Dance: Cloudy... / Apparently...

Tue 16th

Lucky for us, the spectacular Capitol musical theatre puts on more than just plays and musicals - meaning those of us with less than perfectly polished Polish can still get their fix of the performing arts on a regular basis. This time, the dose comes in the form of dance with the performance entitled "Chmurno... / PoDoBno... ", literally translating to "Cloudy.../ Apparently...". Divided into two halves, "Cloudy" is a performance directed and choreographed by Jacek Gebura featuring three dancers moving to the sounds of the American minimal composer Steve Reich. "Apparently" will evidently feature 5 dancers, choreographed and directed by Sylwia Hefczyńska-Lewandowska. Performances begin at 8pm.

Capitol Theatre Small Stage, Pilsudskiego 72