WRO Media Art Biennale

Tue 5th

One of the city's biggest cultural events, the WRO Media Art Biennale, will take place in May of this year. The Biennale will explore all types of digital and media art specially focusing on audiovisual and multimedia installations. The main events of the biennale will stretch over 5 days and include exhibitions, screenings, concerts, and performances primarily at the WRO Art Centre. The National Museum, BWA Awangarda, Teatr Lalek, Entropia gallery, and XO club will also be in on the action with their own contributions to the event.

Expanded City is this year's title, with this Biennale focusing on the relationship between a city and its artistic culture. With Expanded City, "the city becomes a metaphor for shared space for exchange and communication, expanding and diversifying through new technologies.", as written on the official site.

Click for more info about visiting as well as entering the main artistic competition.