wRock for Freedom Festival

Sat 6th

Do you wanna rock?? Well lucky for you, Wroclaw is hosting an exclusively rock-focused music festival this summer, with no wimpy string arrangements or jazz influences in sight (ok, maybe a little). Two stages will be set up outside of Hala Ludowa for the third edition of the wRock for Freedom festival, which will feature some of the best break-out bands from the last 20 years of Polish Rock. The first stage will host Myslovitz, Hey, Raz,dwa,trzy, and East West Rockers. On the second stage you'll find Acid Drinkers, Coma, Fisz Emade, Masala, and Świetliki. Tickets are on sale for 30 zloty until the end of April, and 40 zloty until the day of the concert when tickets will be 50 zloty.

outside Hala Ludowa, ul. Wystawowa 1