Concert: Venetian Snares

Thu 23rd

If you like your music hard, fast and brutally electronic you'll certainly not want to miss Venetian Snares' performance this month at Droga do Mekki. Venetian Snares is Canadian Aaron Funk whose releases have become legendary in IDM (intelligent dance music) circles spanning the sonic spectrum from the harsh breakcore of Winnipeg is a Frozen Sh*thole (named after Funk's hometown - interested parties are encouraged to take a look at the even more amusing tracklisting for this album) to the drum 'n bass breaks against Morton Feldman-style strings on Rossz csillag alatt szuletett, inspired by Funk's time in Budapest. The prolific artist has been credited with simply reinventing the concept of breakcore with his original and eclectic approach. Even if you're not a fan of hardcore beats, a memorable performance is practically guaranteed.

Droga do Mekki, ul. Ruska 51