Exhibition: Looking for the Order in Chaos

Thu 18th

Polish artist Tomasz Bajer is an active member of the Wroclaw art scene, working in a variety of media including language art, painting, graphic design, sculpture, happenings, and installations. His current exhibition at the Galeria Awangarda is called Looking for the Order in Chaos, and will display a variety of the artist's smaller works. Almost imitating an American journalist, some of Bajer's pieces are fake front pages of prominent publications, such as one piece which displays a neatly laid out set of prison clothing over which is written: "Minimalism in Guantanamo: American Design in Cuba". Using the language of modern art, Bajer uses an approach reminiscent of the Dada or Fluxus movements to create a fascinating introspective on the cultural, social, and political issues most important to him.

Galeria Awangarda (BWA Wroclaw), ul. Wita Stwosza 32