Beloved Lwow in Stamps

Wed 1st

The tie between Lwow and Wroclaw couldn't be greater. Before the war Lwow (now Lviv in Ukraine) was one of Poland's grandest cities but when the three big powers redrew the European map Lwow was no longer part of Polska, and but instead the German city of Breslau had become part of the homeland. The result was massive upheaval as millions of Poles and Germans were forced to abandon their cities and relocate further East. The Poles brought many cultural treasures with them from Lwow and feel a great nostalgia for the city they were forced to leave behind. This stamp and postcard exhibition gives visitors a tantalising glimpse of old Lwow, with some stirring images from the days when the city was one of the glories of Poland.

Telecommunications Museum, ul. Krasinskiego 1